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Who are your Real Life Super Heroes ? Reward $2
Created by WhitePhoenix, 1465 days ago, 1875 views

Just type the Name and the Profession of your Super Hero
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Aravi1465 days ago

Hi @WhitePhoenix

1) Every soldiers who guard country in hazards environment and willing to die to safeguard their country.

2) Every straight forward government hospital doctors, who struggle a lot to save a life.

3) Every fire fighters who ready to risk their life to save other life.

4) Every police man who dies to secure innocents.

5) Every freedom fighters who dies and took life long injuries to free their country from external power.

6) Every mother who nearly die before giving birth to the child.

7) Scientist like Alexander Bogdanov who died for his experiment that blood transfusion, that is saving millions of lives.


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gzook1465 days ago

Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Born in Bethlehem)
He is the Son Of God, Counselor, Friend & Guide. The only perfect man, as well as 100% God.

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gzook1465 days ago

Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Born in Bethlehem) He is the Son Of God, Counselor, Friend & Guide. The only perfect man, as well as 100% God.

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igor1464 days ago

The first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

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Meow1460 days ago

Everyone who shine with pure chaotic neutral knowledge w/o making other people kill each other

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capybara1460 days ago

1. Jesus Christ.
2. My son who is living with a horrible disease, but still says positive.

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olja2255881460 days ago

My mom and dad! :3

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raza497121460 days ago

Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W) is my real life hero.

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maren1459 days ago

I know real person who is REAL SUPER HERO.
There is links to interview and videos. Read and view to known better RENATO GRBIC, man who saved more than 20 lives.




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Fizzz1459 days ago

Ayyyy lmao

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Rasofficial1456 days ago

I'm =I mean myself

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Micah1456 days ago

who are my real life super hero?

well the first people who came in my head are my brother and sisters, there are many of us, my real mom and dad pass away when i was a baby, but they left me with lots of brothers and sisters. they are my mom and dad. I am also the last born.

Second person will have to be my English teacher in high school. Ms. White. When i came to the western world, life was not so friendly, including something as simple as this. English, she put her heart into teaching me. I hope to be like a her one day.

Last person will be myself. i know, but if i was not strong, if i was not a fast learner, i would have been in a criminal's path. so yay me.

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maren1456 days ago

Nobody cares about RENATO GRBIC who saved more than 20 lives? He iis not SUPER HERO?

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shyextrovert1429 days ago

Parents - Your Mom & Dad should be the ultimate superhero as they not only gave you life but sacrificed and support you as you become an adult yourself. They care for you, provide for you and would even die for you. As a a dad there is nothing I would not do to assure my kids safety and ability to be all he can be !

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