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How many time i must learn some programming language like c# Reward $2
Created by paul422, 789 days ago, 1637 views

To get skills to create video games
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WhitePhoenix789 days ago

What do you mean by How many time ?

It depends on many things
If you are a fast learner and already have expierience in programming it goes faster than if you have no experience.

Also it depends wat kind of games do you want to make 2D or 3D games First-person or Third-Person.

So I give you an Example let's say you want to create a game similar to Space Invaders and you don't use a Gaming Engine like Unity or CryEngine but you Code everything alone.

Than you have to learn about 1/2 to 1 Year in my opinion if you have no knowledge but it can be faster or slower it depends on you.

I hope that helped you.

PS: You can create TIC TAC TOE in about 1 Hour even with no Programming experience if you are a fast learner
If you want to create a game like Undertale well Toby Fox needed 2.7 years or so.

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Aravi788 days ago

Hi @paul422

Programming languages never end if you start to learn. They keep on evolve , gives you new ideas when ever you practice and learn them.

If you want to be a games developer, I will suggest you to learn a set of languages at-least twice well and try to develop some hobbies game project simultaneous.

Kindly don't restrict yourself with programming languages, try to extend yourself with some good game frameworks that is in demand in your locality.

I will recommend you to don't leave a gap. It is highly important if you want to be a professional programmer.


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zrodfects752 days ago

the programming language is really a tool, thrown in with some calculations, you learn over time what the language can offer you, the popular languages are designed to do pretty much what ever you want it to do, it is basically up to you to first know what exactly you want the outcome to be and to then learn the coding process to achieve it, even professional game developers don't know everything, some know more than others, which is why some leave and end up in another studio because of his/her skill, everyone's ideas and thoughts are different and you work out within the language what you want done, mostly trial an error, if it glitches, you have to then go back and find out which line of code is glitching and why, this could be a simple miss typo or in correct calculations etc.

Professionals don't just build a game and throw graphics in just like that, they first get their ideas what they want either notes or sketches, they then make a starter game engine, an engine in-case you do not know is the whole language that creates the game as a whole, meaning like in most cases the same coding/engine can be used for another game or sequel which in turn saves time, just by changing graphics...

Look at Angry birds for example, there are a dozen different sequels, yet most would use the same coding/engine as the first, occasionally tweaking it for less memory size or a new added feature without re-doing the whole coding from scratch.

Sometimes even coding an idea might work like a charm or something else triggers ideas for future projects, this is when you can use quotes etc to leave a message above the coding so you know exactly what it does without going through it all again, these memo's are used for notes only and does not interfere or get used as part of the coding.

Sometimes asking around if people could help with sharing a piece of code you can use in your game, that would be best to study yourself too to see how it works and why it does what it does etc this again can be used in other projects or tweaked to do other things, any new style game needs new style coding, possibly something never been coded before or something close to it.

The most popular coding language as mentioned can almost do anything you want, you just have to tell it in the way it understands, like talking to a person in another language, you say hello in English to a Japanese only speaker their mind will boggle wondering what your saying or if your saying something right they are trying to puzzle together, so a programming language needs to be told in it's own understandable language.

So to sum up, you need to really learn the basics and the main popular parts of coding from collision detection to scoring and movement controls and from draw distance to item measurements so everything fits in place without looking out of place etc, you also can not just program a game in your mind and expect it to fall in place, you need all your ideas first and you program them in level/stage by stage, this would be just like making a movie, the movie process (just think of it as a programming language) needs to be scripted first with plots, scenary, actors, overall story etc, then you start your project.

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