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What danger Masturbation cause to the health Reward $25
Created by selcinor, 1499 days ago, 2785 views

Just want to know if there is any dangerous effect if someone doing masturbation
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DrS1499 days ago

Thus, the therapy for masturbation is not
to counter-condition the masturbation, which can't be done because it is a biological need and therefore cannot be
extinguished, but the therapy is to counter-condition the shame, guilt and anxiety that has been attached to it through learning.

Just a couple of generations ago, it was seriously believed, even by medical doctors, that masturbation caused many types of mental and physical diseases. The federal government put out guidelines that if a child persisted in touching himself, his pajamas should be put on backwards, and if need be, his hands should be tied to the bed frame.
Today we know this was a myth. Today, we know that masturbation is normal and healthy. But the myth of it being a sin, a disease, is still repeated and still persists.

Consequently, the problem with masturbation is NOT the masturbation, but as seen in blogs like these, it is the ANXIETY connected with it through learning and shame-training, that is the problem. The anxiety is caused because the person doing it has been told (in several different ways) by parents, religious leaders or even professional people (even professional people who make their living treating it). From cultural learning and because the person persists in doing it, they come to the conclusion there is something wrong with him or her. Thus, through conditioning and learning, he or she are taught to feel (through conditioning and learning, especially verbal repetition) they are doing something wrong. They have been told that it is SINFUL, that righteous or good people don't do it. When they continually get the urge and can't quit, they are told they are ADDICTED to it and therefore need help (despite the fact that it is a biologically driven impulse and therefore cannot be extinguished). And since it is driven by the natural impulses of their own body, they cannot stop the desire to do it. And the more they try to stop it, the more obsessed they become with it. Thus it creates much conflict and ANXIETY. And may destroy the person's feelings of self worth.

But without a doubt, the problem is NOT the masturbation, which is a normal human need, but is the anxiety it creates by thinking there is something wrong with doing it.

Using masturbation as self-medication is sometimes mentioned.

Indeed, masturbation CAN be used in a HEALTHY WAY as
a valuable method of counter-conditioning life’s stressful situations. In fact, in this stressful, lonely world, masturbation can be used as self therapy to counter-condition negative feelings--stress, boredom, sadness, loneliness, fears, frustrations.

Masturbation is an enjoyable and safe form of sex. You
don't need to complicate your life, by finding a willing partner. You are not cheating on anyone. There are no unwanted pregnancies. And you don't get any of the many unseen pandemic sexually transmitted diseases which are out there, that nobody wants to talk about.

Studies have shown that more frequent ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

For women it prevents menstrual cramps, reduces depression, strengthens pelvic muscles, reduces cervical infections, improves immune response.

Thus, the problem with masturbation is NOT masturbation,
nor using masturbation to counter-condition stress, but rather is the shame, guilt and anxiety created by shame-training from religion, parents and the conspiracy of silence, which itself sends a message that masturbation is a no-no.

Feelings of shame, guilt and anxiety are connected to masturbation through learning and conditioning. (You may remember the experiments of Pavlov and the dog.) Guilt
and anxiety created by shame-training connected with masturbation, may destroy self-image and feelings of self worth.

This negative conditioning can hang on for years, but if not strengthened by continued shame-training, will gradually become disconnected. Though actual intentional therapy would free the person sooner. When a self-appointed therapist says you need to treat your masturbation, you can
be sure he is fake. You need to talk to someone with a healthy attitude. A so-called therapist should not be trying to treat masturbation, or to treat masturbation as an addiction, but rather should be counter-conditioning the shame, guilt and anxiety connected with it through shame-training.

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alienflyer1499 days ago

Just mental health

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Pinaki1499 days ago

Masturbation doesn't cause any direct health problem. The addiction to masturbate, for various reasons, at various stages of life, causes massive indirect problems.

For example, as an adolescent masturbation interacts with your ability to focus. As adults...

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Oleg199999721499 days ago

Вреда здоровью точно нет. Хуже, когда здоровый организм долговременно воздерживают.

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zrodfects1499 days ago

It is totally healthy and these days classed as normal, when some years ago it was known as perversion, but if people do it several times a day and keep a healthy life and obviously keeping oneself clean on a regular bases then this is good, if it is done again many times a day and interferes with normal life where as you would ignore going out or missing events or to a point you can not overcome the urge then seeing a doctor would be recommend, but again it is totally safe and does not effect your health, just if it becomes something people can not control, then help would be needed, this is a self mental issue though not a health issue.

Hope this helps...

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Stripes1499 days ago

Masturbation doesn't cause any direct health problem. The addiction to masturbate,it just relax you and makes u feel better then all pressure in side
so just let it out all feel better for most people reason its done.

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selcinor1499 days ago

I think Masturbation causes headache and drowsiness some time and more it make someone avoid having opposite sex partner what did you think about that

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nihal291499 days ago

hello @selcinor
Excessive masturbation can stimulate acetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions. This immoderate amount of stimulation can result in an over-production of sex hormones and neurotransmitters like acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin, causing a considerable change in body chemistry.

The side effects of these changes in body chemistry can manifest themselves as:

Hair loss
Memory loss
Blurred vision
Groin/testicular pain

Because over-masturbation distresses liver and nervous system functions, it can also lead to sexual exhaustion (even in younger males). This can include the appearance of impotence or erectile dysfunction in males way before the average age of onset.

Seminal leakage, otherwise described as the emission of sperm from the penis without an erection, is another common problem associated with extreme masturbation. This is a sign that the nerve keeping the ejaculation valve shut is weakening because of excessive use and over-stimulation.

To add to the associated physical problems, in extreme cases, your compulsion with masturbation may get in the way of your work and family life the same way any other addiction (like alcohol or gambling) would.

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biaka1498 days ago

кроме волосатых ладоней , абсолютно никаких последствий

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Jazzman1497 days ago

Yes I think I have a problem with @ Selcinor Answer Yes some of the statements are probably true but like anything you do in life there is a time place and age of maturity for it some adolescents there little minds have progressed more than maybe they should have and some adult also and must be taught that there is a time for this perfectly normal act of life that (God Gave Us) Fortunately time has changed to the better for the little guys Yes I will always speak out for them because in there mind I think it something that feel that they can't explain It could definitely be unhealthy for them to start to young it would be a problem for there mind not as much for the adult that is dealing with them I know that some adults take it to the limit that is there adult right but to belittle a child with that problem should be dealt with in the right manner I don't think that was being said in the statement that was given it's more intelligent answer than mine but in the long run it normal...

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