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Any good non omg game that can be played within a day? Reward $2
Created by Aravi, 495 days ago, 1096 views

Kindly suggest before sunday ends.
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zekman481 days ago

Play ***PORTAL*** fun, brainstorming game and amazing story

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Dreadart495 days ago

Why don't you try Path of Exile? It's a diablo kind game which does not require you to pay or to win. You can play at your own free time and you invest how much time you have.

There is hardcore (if you die you die) and softcore (if you die you go on). The whole game can be beat in a day or so in softcore.

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Slaiyr495 days ago

A Beginner's Guide.

I don't really get what you mean by "non omg" but this game is a really good story game. 90 minute easy playthrough but it's a game that has stuck with me a while now. :D

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Aravi495 days ago

Hi @Slaiyr

Omg means online mega games. It is a short form use to mark multiplayer type games that have no end. You may know MMO game or online long time rpg games or gams like farm. These all falls in the category of omg.

I don't like it because the game sucks after sometimes till you quit. It will require daily some time which is not possible.


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Aravi495 days ago

& I am sorry, it is old term. Many may not aware of this term.

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SERGIO73493 days ago


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