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What is the problem with Nigeria? Reward $2
Created by selcinor, 1594 days ago, 2031 views

Why every nation claims Nigeria is corrupt, is it true that Nigeria is fantastically corrupt what about US and EU are they not corruption.
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Aravi1593 days ago

Hi @selcinor

Corrupt is in every country but Nigeria is worst hit by corruption. Kindly find why in the below wikipedia article.


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brendaniel1593 days ago

@Aravi Personally What do you feel about Nigeria and corruption, and Nigerians as a people, please speak out your mind, I really wanna know, don't be diplomatic about your opinion..... What is your opinion about Nigeria and Nigerians?

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selcinor1592 days ago

I agree with you that every country is corrupt but I wonder why the case of corruption rampant to Nigerians but some Nigerians finger that Americans more corrupted than they do, and talk about the corruption practice in Britain as well, but Nigerians are stigmatized with the code 419. and am afraid to deal with them.

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Aravi1591 days ago

Hi @brendaniel and @selcinor

Sorry, don't take me personal or answer against Nigerians. The original problem is that the current Nigeria condition in current days is very worst as referred to the index of corruption. This affects its people as well as international countries that it surrounds it in many way. I am not saying that my country India is good or Americans have write to point out Nigerians. But I am saying only that, as told by UNO now Nigerians have improve themselves to establish good standard of living, improve trade,etc.

The truth is corruption is like a cancer that not only kills the tissues where it lives, but also spreed hold body and kill the entire person.

If you think that I am right about this cancer, then please take this as serious; I hope fight against anti corruption will win in our both countries else sorry and ignore my comment.


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brendaniel1590 days ago

@ Aravi, I'm not taking it personal, I only wanna know what you feel about Nigeria, nothing personal...

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Aravi1590 days ago

Hi @brendaniel

This is what I feel about entire Africa. In earlier 1900's, before we received independence, we fought for the freedom together from British colonization. Most of our father of nations were friends. So we are all nearly alike.

Today, after post independence, we are colonized by corruption. In my country, where we have recorded nearly the half of the corruption in Nigeria, I feel like hell when I visit a government office. I always wonder how Nigeria people adjust to live.

This could be wrong too. Because my Ideology is Anti-corruption. This precipitation could have came after strongly influenced by movements by Anna Hazare.

I hope we will get freedom back which is lost in corruption.


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Flashwind1590 days ago


The most corrupt country is the ... United States!
The US claim to the world that they have"no corruption" :) just because corruption is "the law", within the framework of the Constitution.
In the United States law allowed many types of corruption from lobbying & etc...
Take a look at the elections! - Much of it is thanks to Wikileaks and the mutual disclosures of candidates who demonstrate not only the dirty linen, but the contents of the toilets.
And why the press and TV lie to us? they bought on the vine!

Why only Nigeria? why not speak and are not perturbed about the level of corruption in Ukraine?..
Around us the dirty streams of lies and we are already in these rivers drowned...

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