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Which dress is fit for dinner party? Reward $2
Created by minice, 520 days ago, 1116 views

I plan to buy a dress for a dinner party, which dress do you like most in the picture? Red, blue or the black one? It is a little difficult for me to choose now. BTW, I am around thirty years old.

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Aravi519 days ago

Hi @minice

Red: if you want to draw attraction

Black: if you want to be less attract and be more stylish

Blue: If you want to be simple and the party don't have any thing that can stain the dress. Because the blue is very light and can get stain easily.


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brendaniel520 days ago

Don't get yourself confused, because all of them are just perfect, the best thing is to choose the lowest in price among them, because other people's opinion won't help either....

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Egad519 days ago

I agree with minice. They are all beautiful dresses. If you already own all 3 I would go with the red one. If not, the least expensive one. Red is a power color and if you get food on it the white will show it more.

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nihal29519 days ago

If you are with your partner and he is wearing black suite then go with the black one .
Red one if you want to out shine the party .
The blue one is bright hence suitable for outdoor parties .

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vanny519 days ago

червоний якщо на романтичний обід ви молода вам дужу буде гарно

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miyaso519 days ago

Wait for 35! The 35 Baba berry again.

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ky3zi517 days ago

@minice If I were to choose, I'd pick the black dress. It doesn't draw too much attention like the red but it looks classy and elegant.

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miyaso517 days ago


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teju516 days ago

right choice is @@red

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loralora515 days ago


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loralora515 days ago

черное очень красивое

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RainyDay515 days ago

I like the Black one. It's modest and gorgeous.

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raza49712513 days ago

hi don't be in trouble just choose the one which you like.don't think about other people.

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sergei100508 days ago

красное красивое

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19mitch65508 days ago

Well choose what is in your price range
Its not the age factor, its the You factor, How do you feel in each dress, The lightest save for a celebration Red and black make their own statements
Everyone will definitely be drawn to the red so that is the attention grabber the black is very elegant formal. Besides no matter what we tell you it is all up to you everyone is just giving options, You are the person that will be inside the dress, how does each one make you feel, The color, fabric the mood each one puts you in, Do you feel that one over the others will convey a message if so is it positive or negative.
Wear what makes you feel best

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hillman508 days ago

How boyfriend recommend blue

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