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What are the new features of ios10? Reward $2
Created by timeis, 829 days ago, 1336 views

What are the new features of ios10?
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ha14829 days ago

25 awesome iOS 10 features that will change your life
1) Invisible ink: Send a message or photo that remains hidden, then simply swipe to reveal it.
2) It’s how you say it: Change the way your message bubbles look. Say it proud. Say it loud. Or whisper it.
3) Write it yourself: Send a message in your own handwriting. Your friends will see it animate, just as ink flows on paper.
4) Let’s celebrate: Say things like “Happy Birthday!” or “Congratulations!” with animations that take over the entire screen.
5) Tapback: Just tap to send one of six quick responses that let people know what you’re thinking.
6) Add a personal touch: Send fireballs, heartbeats, sketches, and more. You can even draw over videos.
7) Stickers: Slap them on top of bubbles, dress up a photo, or even put one on another sticker. Available in the new App Store for iMessage.
8) Replay Tap to replace emoji. 
9) Tap to replace emoji: Swap out words with emoji — all with a simple touch. That’s something to smile about.
10) iMessage apps: Easily access your favorite apps to create and share content, make payments, and more, without leaving Messages.
11) Siri. Now open to apps: Siri works with your favorite apps from the App Store, so you can ask it to book a ride through Lyft, or send money to someone with Square Cash.
12) Maps. Now taking reservations: Book a table through apps like OpenTable, and a ride with Uber — all within Maps.
13) Street smarter: Maps can make proactive suggestions for where you’re likely to go and the fastest way to get there.
14) Search along your route: See what’s around the corner and easily find the closest places for gas, food, or coffee. Maps even tells you how much extra time it will take to arrive.
15) Home smart home: The new Home app lets you turn on lights, unlock doors, and even raise your window shades — all at once if you like.
16) Music. Redesigned: The simple, intuitive design makes it even easier to enjoy your favorite songs. You can also view the lyrics while you’re listening to them.
17) Raise to wake: Simply pick up your iPhone to wake it up. Your notifications will be there waiting for you.
18) Touch and go: Use 3D Touch in apps like Calendar, Weather, and Stocks for a quick glance at the information you need.
19) Rich notifications: View photos and videos or respond to a message right in your notifications.
20) Contextual predictions: Typing is quicker and easier than ever. When you type something like “I’m available at,” the free time in your calendar pops up as an option.
21) Been there. Found that: Search your photos by the people or things in them, like a beach, a football game, or a puppy.
22) Your news never looked so good: Easily find the stories that matter to you most, in distinct sections of the beautifully redesigned News app.
23) Your past, beautifully presented: The Photos app can help you rediscover cherished memories — like a weekend hike or your baby’s first birthday — and even create beautiful movies out of them.
24) Apple Pay on the web: Shopping online is now faster, safer, and more private than ever. Just browse, then pay in your browser.
25) Multilingual typing: Now you can type in two languages at the same time without having to switch between keyboards.

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omarwa79829 days ago

You can watch this:

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Aravi829 days ago

Hi @timeis

I have many improvements as told by ha14. It overcome certain important missing feature compared to Android. Also have more good improvements in security level too.


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DanielLee5799 days ago

The first answer is the most informative, thanks. I will update my iOS because of Uber and updated maps, it is the app I use daily. By the way, here's a nice service allowing to calculate the price of a future Uber trip beforehand , may be will be useful for someone.

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