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What are your favorite video game songs? Reward $2
Created by knock, 1555 days ago, 1957 views

What are your favorite video game songs?
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zekman1532 days ago

My favorite video game song is ''Still alive'' from PORTAL.
Especially when you listen to it at the end of the story, end of the game.
Great atmosphere and so funny to listen to it, really enjoyable!

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vanny1555 days ago

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nandi1555 days ago

song from Grand Theft auto game

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nihal291555 days ago

I love this song while driving cars in GTA vc =


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zrodfects1555 days ago


Wow where do I start, I am more of the retro gaming music myself as the melodies were much better than todays well we will call it noise for now, btu I guess these track below are awesome, I am also honored to be close friends with some of these musicians too which we talk about the good old days from time to time...

Check these out and let me know what you think too:

The Last Ninja (C64) (Original) (Remixed by a legend we know as Remedy)

Xenon 2 - Megablast (Amiga) (Original) (Awesome remix by the remix legend daXX) (Above music was originally inspired by this track)

Lotus 3 (Amiga) (Original - full agmeplay version, just listen from 20 seconds in, not whole video) (Remixed by daXX)

Lotus 3 (Amiga) As Above, different track (Original) (Remixed by daXX)

Top Gear (SNES) (Original) (Remixed by Hambro)

Top Gear (SNES) - More tracks (Original) (Original)

The Top Gear tracks were composed by a great friend "Barry Leitch" who also resampled and made fresh tracks for one of the latest iOS games "Horizon' also a racing game inspired by Top Gear, having known him I was able to get a personally signed CD by Barry himself for the Horizon CD soundtrack.

Turrican 2 (Amiga) (Original) (Original) (Original)
These were composed by one of the top gaming musicians for the time and close friend of mine, I am honored to own a couple of his remixed CD albums a few years ago as a tribute to his own music, all signed and limited edition numbered, called "Turrican Anthology" if your lucky to own this CD too, you will find my name inside the booklet as I helped support his journey, you will see "Zro Dfects"

Hybirs (Amiga) (Original)
Sadly I do not know the composer personally but he seems to be missing in action somewhere, his real name is Paul Van Der Valk, but I am close friends with the programmer and artist for this game who is currently remaking this game for the iOS,

Battle Squadron (Amiga) (Original)
The artist and programmers are the ones from above who did Hybris, the musician for this game was Ron Klaren who I know very well, this game is available now on the iOS and it is just as good as the original.

Pitfighter (Amiga) (Original)
Known for it it's great title music, though graphically not so great as an arcade port, but the music made up for it.

Shadow Warriors (Amiga) (Original)
I do not know the musician that well but am friends somewhat with him "Matt Furniss", I am however close friends with the artist for game box cover art etc "Bob Wakelin" who once handed me several rare personally signed posters for this game as well as doing the artwork for "NARC"

Amiga Format (Amiga Magazine) - Not a game but a music demo track made by the great Allister Brimble and good friend. (Original) (Remixed by the original composer)
The above remix you can see the cover of a resampled tribute of his own music "The Amiga Works", if you own this, you will also see my name in the booklet, these were also signed along with some rare USB sticks engraved logos and posters.

I could go on forever, and I mean that literally as I am by far the biggest fan of video gaming and fan of the music before the 2000 year, no so much current stuff, and I am also grateful to be great friends with them all as I grew up with them and their music and now great friends, I have thousands of gaming music CD's some for collection some because were made by these great friends and ahd my name put in them and signed etc...

Not sure if your a fan of old video game music or current stuff but you may like these also.

I am also a video game collector, I own over 50 gaming consoles and games to suit, I have rare consoles and games, some are still new and sealed form 30 years ago

Hope you too will enjoy some of these tracks too..

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Aishwar1555 days ago

There are lots of games that I love playing. But my favorite are Max Payne 3, IGI, Counter Strike and the list goes on.

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Aravi1552 days ago

Hi @knock

My favorite is I Don't want to set world on fire

The ink spots


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raza497121547 days ago

Batman Arkham City Main Theme .I like it very much.

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MrOwnage1532 days ago

Portal 2 - Want You Gone
Modern Warfare 2 - The only Easy Day Was.... Yesterday
Hyperdimension Neptunia - One Two Three

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