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How to read faster? 5
Created by 1633, 766 days ago, 1026 views

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zrodfects766 days ago

Best way would be to use your index finger as a guide, by sliding along under each word, the faster you slide your finger along the faster you move along with it, this doesn't happen instantly there is still practice involve no matter what technique you use.

As you read each word you can actually visualize at the same time the surrounding words, try and focus on the line your reading and ignore the top and bottom until you get to it, as you read your eyes tend to start seeing the next word from the first few letters..

If you stare at one word in the middle of a sentence you will notice you can actually make out the whole sentence without even moving your eyes along, use this technique also as a guide.

Synchronizing is also important, as you can either read faster than your actually looking which will make you skip words, especially the smaller words such as "the, he, it and a" etc, or you can slide your finger faster while reading slower which makes you think more and then you end up reading words twice in order to try make sense of the sentence.

Hope this helps..

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Aravi766 days ago

Hi @1633

Types of reading techniques:

1)Skimming : You will only try to read title and try to map the contents you have to ready from index.

2) Scanning (shallow reading): You will only ready through the contents once and will try to understand the content shallow that make you understand what it want to say.

3) Intensive: Here you will understand fully what the content want to say.

4) Extensive (Deep reading): You will try to memories the important content of the books.

When I was working and studying my graduation, I tried the same. I use to Skimming once and map the lessons. Scanning once. Intensive twice once while reading and once before a month of exam. Extensive read 15 days before exam.

I think most important thing in reading is not to memories at first time. But to understand and learn the content first. It will become easy to memories later and will not take time to even memories 6 to 7 text books with 15 days. I strongly believe reading by will help you to memories quicker. I try some shallow rides above the content first. It will help in creating interest. Later I will be able to understand better.

It had worked well for me and had scored A grade in exams.


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zrodfects765 days ago

Thank you for choosing my answer, I hope this may be of some help and wish you all the best..

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