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Which artist, or band, has influenced music the most? Reward $25
Created by TonyW50, 1399 days ago, 1824 views

Who do you believe has been the biggest influence in Modern Music? Let's go back to the 1950's until now.
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SoftGuitar1399 days ago

Chuck Berry for Foundations of rock
Elvis for hip shaking rock
Beatles for Melodic rock
Van Halen for Hard Rock
Journey for Melodic New Rock
KIss for Glam Rock
Metallica for Heavy Metal

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TonyW501398 days ago

Myself, I go back to Elvis and the Beatles, they changed forever the look and tone of future rock. However, I am a huge guitar enthusiast, and love the dual and triple guitar solo attack of Iron Maiden. So, Stevie Ray Vaughn was a hero of mine. Van Halen went downhill with Hagar, I couldn't stand the songs or his voice. Journey is fortunate to have found a kid from the Philippines who sounds exactly like their ex lead singer. Metallica, as heavy metal goes, has some great songs that have very difficult tempo changes and note changes, so they are not like most metal bands, where loud and fast is best. Best drummer, Neal Peart from Rush, his time signature changes are so smooth. Best guitarist ever, besides Jimi of course, is Randy Rhoades. He died too young. I have to stack Black Sabbath onto the list, as they brought out the dark edge of rock that led the way for many bands. So, Elvis, Beatles, and Sabbath.

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igor1398 days ago

Jimi Hendrix;Carlos Augusto Alves Santana.

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TonyW501398 days ago

Ah yes, Mr. Santana. Very smooth technique with a beautiful sound, good choice! Jimi is a given, as he reinvented the way the electric guitar was played.

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Aravi1398 days ago

Hi @TonyW50

Michael Joseph Jackson born on August 29, 1958 and died on June 25, 2009. He was an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actor. He is known as the "King of Pop" had influenced music the most.

In my friends circle, all pop singers and band musicians takes Michael Jackson as their role modal and inspiration.


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nihal291398 days ago

The bettels and Elvis . The names are enough .

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Walphai1398 days ago

I think the Beetles and Michael Jackson Heavily influenced the pop culture and steered it towards that thing it is today . Because not only they were very popular, but they also brought new things (relative to their time) to the table.

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TonyW501398 days ago

Yes Michael Jackson, how could I forget. I remember in the 80's when he performed in front of an all white Republican type crowd. When he started signing and doing that moon walk, all the white people were up dancing too. That was a rare beautiful site. To transcend race and to grow up as a kid singing like he did, I felt bad for the man. He never had a childhood, and the demands just became too much. The industry will eat people up and spit them out. You guys are making it hard here...

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capybara1398 days ago

The Beatles, Led Zeppplin, Stevie Ray Vaughn. Kiss

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TonyW501398 days ago

You had the best all around answer covering many genres and decades of music. I almost have it to the guy who mentioned Michael Jackson, but as influential as he was, he certainly didn't influence Metallica, hehe. I still think Black Sabbath belongs up there, as all Metal bands glorified them as kids. Thanks for playing

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Michke1383 days ago

Michael Jackson and Madonna!

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