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What is the harm in Chinese crackers? Reward $2
Created by Aravi, 795 days ago, 1163 views

I came to know that china make cheep crackers by using potassium compound. But usage of potassium in crackers are ban in many countries. They use to manufacture crackers win nitrate component.

What is the harm of potassium in cracker?

Why other countries manufacture cracker with 6 times costly nitrate component.

Dose potassium affect children and adults?

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nandi793 days ago

just stay away from dangerous thing

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brendaniel794 days ago

I did a study on potassium some days ago, potassium should be eaten less by people suffering from kidney problems like diabetes and so on, in fact it was recommended that they ask their doctors if they should consume foods made with potassium and if they are to consume, their doctors should recommend the quantity because it may worsen their situation.

On the other hand potassium is found naturally in so many fruits like orange, banana, pineapple e.t.c, at that level it is safe to consume for diabetic or non diabetic patients, however it is advised not to consume too much because it could also pose threat to their health especially for those with diabetes...

Read about health benefits of nitrate here

CONCLUSION: Potassium and Nitrate have health benefits, the only problem is the control in the quantity of consumption, when nitrate is consumed in very high quantity, it poses lesser harm to the health than potassium, potassium poses more threat to the health when consumed in very high quantity, and a lot of people don't know the required quantity for daily consumption of potassium, so for someone who likes crackers made with potassium so much and consumes it daily without the required quantity for his body could be at a higher risk of getting a disease, while for someone who does the same with crackers made with nitrate will be at lower risk of getting a disease.

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brendaniel794 days ago

@ Aravi

Note that both can be harmful if consumed in excess, the only difference is the varying degree...

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Aravi793 days ago

Hi @brendaniel

Sorry for the ambiguous word crackers. I mean to say fire crackers. That is fireworks.


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brendaniel793 days ago

Oh, I think a lot of people are also confused..... You just made the correction...

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Aravi793 days ago

Hi @brendaniel

Hmm ..............

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