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Will you buy Samsung phone in the future? Reward $2
Created by finefin, 526 days ago, 1398 views

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MiHuGo526 days ago

přemýšlím o něm, pěkný dizajn a kvalita.

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omarwa79526 days ago

yes , the samsung is the best android phone just not 7 how it the probleme .I think the future note (note 8)has't same probleme.

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nihal29526 days ago

yes , definitely . they will do there homework now and release phones without these types of flaws . Samsung is a trusted brand , they will take care of there valuable customers .

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brendaniel526 days ago

Yes I will probably buy, however from experience, I've learnt not to rush to get their latest phones when they immediately release them, I'll observe the first users experiences to know if its perfect for me to buy or not, at least to be on the safe side....

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indika526 days ago

il buy but Samsung team need to test new versions before release to public

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Aravi526 days ago

Hi @finefin

That is a nice one. After the Samsung s7 problem, I will think twice before buy Samsung phone.


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Juga526 days ago

Yes. Samsung willl do everything to not to repeat the same mistake.

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D_I_M_A_N58526 days ago

Samsung makes great things! In my opinion the best deal for money in the smartphone market !!

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vanny525 days ago

звичайно що так.

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nandi523 days ago

yes,samsung has alot good produk to choose

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Buritto523 days ago

да самс лучший

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timeis523 days ago

No, I won't. I care about my safety.

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Egad523 days ago

I've been a Samsung Galaxy user for years now and have always liked them. I don't really like the Apple phones either, so yes I will continue to buy newer Samsung phones.

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Fizzz523 days ago

I have never been the kind of person that only uses one specific brand of anything, including phones. If samsung comes out with a better phone (that doesn't blow up), then yes, I would buy the samsung phone

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batov3523 days ago

Будет следующим.

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ssssiriussss522 days ago

только ими пользуюсь

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ta796521 days ago


Must buy! Used to engage in terrorist activities

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Druna519 days ago

да конечно куплю

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anuska518 days ago

Yes, I think the ratio of price and quality Great

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huylost123514 days ago

Tạo Nên một Thế Giới Tốt Đẹp Hơn
Thông qua các sản phẩm và dịch vụ cách tân, đáng tin cậy; những con người tài năng; một phương pháp kinh doanh có trách nhiệm và tư cách công dân toàn cầu có trách nhiệm; và sự hợp tác với các đối tác và khách hàng của chúng tôi, Samsung đang đưa thế giới đi theo những đường hướng mới.

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ip970521514 days ago

yes , what will be the price in 2017?

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749926650513 days ago


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Layya467 days ago

No, I won't buy it anymore. Let alone the firing issue, the screen is easy to be broken. I much prefer Huawei, I once watched some videos about the tests, Huawei's mobile devices never let me down. Even pressed by car's door or the escalator, the screen can still be used. And its quick charger is awesome. What's more, the design and the camera of Huawei's products are pretty cool. Never buy Samsung phone in the future.

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