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What would you eat when you don't want to eat anything? Reward $2
Created by daybyday, 561 days ago, 1913 views

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DarkwolfRaven72561 days ago

crackers and cheese

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ckoch561 days ago

banana, rice, dry crackers, chicken noodle soup with crackers. Ice Cream definitely. Jello or pudding maybe. Pizza?
If you are not eating anything you better go get some ensure, or the store brand or you could get pretty sick.

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Volha560 days ago

куриный суп с лапшой

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Volha560 days ago


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redens11560 days ago


You asked what would I eat if I didn't want anything? That's simple, I'd skip a meal, it surely will not harm any of us, and then have a sensible dinner later, when you're a Starvin Marvin!!! :) Have a great day ! ! !

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Aravi560 days ago

Hi @daybyday

I will not force myself to eat. I will wait till get hungry and then I will eat.


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Alirio560 days ago

If you don't want to eat, skip the meal but drink some juice, milkshake, frozen yogurt or anything else to keep the stomach busy. Perhaps you should visit a nutritionist if this loss of appetite is recurrent.

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biaka560 days ago


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KiritoS312560 days ago

Хлеб с маслом и солью.

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crossedeye2003560 days ago

If I'm not hungry I don't eat anything

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igor560 days ago

Vodka and pickled cucumber.

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tjiebudi560 days ago

cadbury dairy milk

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daybyday560 days ago

So wired, I don't want to eat lunch everyday.

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zrodfects560 days ago

You can't go past a nice basic sandwich, but bread must be super soft though, I am funny when ti comes to bread, it needs to feel soft to enjoy it more not hard like a cats head, sandwiches you can basically pile things in to one or just a plain cheese or jam etc, depending on your hunger :)

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Stick560 days ago

яйца пью

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charlielan559 days ago

Fruits and vegetables help to improve digestion and rouse your appetite.

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Ibratbek559 days ago

Fruits fine eat

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Vyacheslav559 days ago

пью кофе с молоком

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nihal29558 days ago

thing i like the most or SIMPLE "WATER" .

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indika558 days ago

i will eat some fruits or vegetable like carets without cooking

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CoolCat558 days ago

I would drink milk cocktail.

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D_I_M_A_N58558 days ago

I love to eat nuts viewing your favorite TV series))

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daybyday557 days ago

What is your favorite TV series?

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daybyday557 days ago

It looks delicious.

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D_I_M_A_N58557 days ago


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vanny557 days ago

домашню пиццу яку готуе мий чоловик

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indianisurs557 days ago



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vanny557 days ago

печем пончики

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NOKILA557 days ago


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ldmff557 days ago

Salted smoked almonds, MMMMmmmmmmmm!!!

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5thPersonToTalk543 days ago

I would Eat a sweet snack that I would enjoy Because even when your not hungry or full after eating you always have room for dessert (taro jelly are something I can never stop eating, because after I just eat one I can not stop unless I think my mom will get made that I'm eating all the snacks not saving any for my siblings XD).

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voineaadi542 days ago

Simply: NOTHING.

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Michke542 days ago

A Self made Milk-Shake with, céréals, 2 bananas and the white of 3 egg's and SSSSSSSShake it!!!!! / 1 Liter Milk

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S01C4542 days ago

milk chicken

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aylwardm542 days ago

Celery with cheddar cheese.

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Icuska538 days ago

Én nagyon szivesen fogyasztom a gyümölcsöt,és kompotokat.A gyümülcsökben benne van minden vitamin aminek szüksége van a szervezetnek.

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Aleks111538 days ago

Если не хочется . то и не нужно ничего есть.... Просто наслаждайтесь легкостью организма и тела . Тело всегда знает , когда ему нужно есть... Не стоит кормить свое тело не имея аппетита...

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serezha537 days ago

Hi! Ice cream or apple pie. Good luck!

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Danyil527 days ago

peace and quiet

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Icuska523 days ago

Gyümölcs mártás

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BluePandaKitty510 days ago

Carnation instant breakfast you mix it with milk it comes in chocolate,chocolate malt,double chocolate,vanilla,strawberry,they used to have Cappuccino flavor but i havent seen it lately it has all the vitamins you need in it and you only need that for the meal your not eating and they taste so good i have problems with eating and my stomach gets upset alot i noticed if i eat something with cinnamon in it it settles it or i just dont eat but dairy stuff like icecream or limber they have many flavors of limber there liber de coco(coconut)limber de leche (my favorite)they also have cherry, orange, lime, strawberry,watermelon, grape,and it goes on u can really make any flavor you want its the spanish version of homemade iceys in a plastic cup and u put in the freezer they were named after charles lindbergh when he went to puerto rico on his flight from america to puerto rico in one continuous flight when he got there he was given the icey and they couldnt quite pronounce his name so it ended up being called limber (most recently over the years they dropped the R so its said like Leem-bay ) you can google it for recipes, pudding, tapioca or rice pudding is good too,jello,cereal or hot cereal cream of wheat i like to put trail mix in it some walnuts scoop of cocoa powder some sugar and reese puffs mixed in and then pour milk over the top and eat and fruit like peaches, mangos, cherries (real ones), nectarines, quenepas, watermelon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, bananas or apple sauce and for vegetables maybe cucumbers or corn, usually i go for anything sweet maybe beef jerky but not slim jims..... steak always makes me hungry lol maybe im just making myself hungry now steak and mashed potatos sounds good right now lol hope this helped some and if not i wish you luck on finding what youre looking for

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