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How can an individual find real love 5
Created by reuben, 470 days ago, 592 views

How can you find true love
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toribio470 days ago

Look into your inner self. true love can't be found anywhere or from anyone. It is only YOU that can give true love- to yourself!. How you define true love in your own terms, apply it and give it to yourself... only then that you can find true love... In this way, there is always a person or more who will see your inner self flowing with true love, and therefore would like to love you like you do. then you can share the same true love in your lives. Only then that you will realize you have found your true love.. Don't look for it anywhere, it will come to you when you really love yourself.. Happy day!

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daybyday470 days ago

Go outside and meet more people.

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redens11470 days ago


This is simple, and anyone who has true love in their lives will tell you this. You Cannot Find True Love, It Will Find You ! ! ! Have A Great Day, and look out, it just might be your day!!! :)

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ivvan470 days ago

Скорее всего ни как это просто случайная в среча и не у всех она бывает

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biaka470 days ago

всё очень просто , её надо иметь в самом себе , я говорю о ЛЮБВИ

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vanny467 days ago

все дуже просто кохання приходить само собою спочатку ти думаєш,що то дружба а потім само собою периростає в кохання в мене так було і триває вже 10 років.

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TonyW50467 days ago

To find real love a person must understand what love really is. Love shows itself the most during the most stressful times in a marriage. When two band together and work together to find solutions. No blame, just love and admitting you need each other. It's easy to fall in love, but generally it's a physical attraction at first. To find real love, close your eyes, listen to the words that comes out of her mouth, listen to her laugh, her grace, her shyness, and when you fall in love with that, then you have found real love.

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capybara466 days ago

Where there is no Love, Put Love, and you will find Love.

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