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Why college education doesn't teach how to make money but work for corporates? 5
Created by Sebo, 798 days ago, 1647 views

No matter what college you go, but they all teach, this and that to become good at it and end up working for the corporates. Is there any college out there to teach you how to become successful and build your own business rather than go and work for corporates?
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Aravi798 days ago

Hi @Sebo

College education only provides you the knowledge that enhances your skill for which you have choose your specification of degree.

Make money is a process of generating income from business. It utilized the knowledge you have learnt from college education. But earning money is not only knowledge in a text book also 'art and skill of judgement' and 'piratical lesson learnt from life'. College education can only act as enhancement.

Hence, it is totally depended on people whether they make money or work for corporate. Whether they restrict them-self within text book or extend piratical lesson learnt from life


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Flashwind796 days ago

Hi @Sebo

Nobody can teach!
But there is an opportunity to learn!
If you can read, you can learn anything. It would wish.
Your skull is not a box to store thoughts and knowledge that may be rubbish. It's a simple biological protection.
Try a simple experiment.
Show two groups of people a blurry image of a fire hydrant. The image must be blurred so that it was impossible to identify the object.
For one group of people will increase the resolution slowly in ten techniques.
For another, it's faster, in five stages.
Stay in the moment, when both groups will see the same picture definition, and ask what they see.
The group that saw fewer intermediate steps, will determine the picture hydrant faster.
The more information you give people, the more hypotheses will occur in the course and the worse will be the result.
The man who sees a lot of random debris, begins to confuse it with information.

Self-delusion is indeed an important factor.
The problem of specialists: they don't know what they don't know.
Lack of knowledge and misinformation about the quality of that knowledge go hand in hand — the same mechanism that prevents people to learn more, inspire them the satisfaction of their knowledge.
The quantity of your knowledge should be transformed into your sensations of the exact time of entry into a particular business.

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Virgilheeler724 days ago

Setting objectives, with sensible due dates, is an imperative expertise to have in any occupation where you don't have somebody expressly letting you know what to do. Objective setting is likewise profitable for self-improvement and development. Consider the master plan—like where you need to be in five years—and separate that apparently unrealistic objective into littler pieces, making it less demanding to overcome.
Go to :

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CarltonHerman701 days ago

I'm so happy to find out about that association. A debt of gratitude is in order for including it here. I've felt along these lines for a long time and as the school costs, develop and develop, it just turns out to be less and less coherent away for such a large number of. We require more pragmatic ways to deal with employment, preparing and instruction. It's awesome that some do exist. I trust more go with the same pattern!! Much appreciated again for your article.

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