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What do you think about the ''Human RFID Implant''? Is it really a good thing to get? 5
Created by cutishael, 506 days ago, 1248 views

I have heard alots of rumors about it. Dont know what the truth is about..
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Aravi506 days ago

Hi @cutishael

Human RFID Implant is true. The Australia is the first country to start embedding microchip in the human body. Actually, once you embed a chip in the body, you will become living remote control.

Kindly find the below gernal.


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19mitch65504 days ago

I think it a good idea add GPS BUT just in children newborn to 21, then it should auto stop run out of power be removed, ...

I sure way to cut down on runaways kidnapping

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RainyDay504 days ago

Never heard of it until now. They are already tracking us by phones, and tv. What's next?

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lexshvets504 days ago

This is real satanic concentration camp.

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ckoch491 days ago

I am a believer in Jesus Christ. The bible says there will be a mark 666. Anyone who takes it follows Satan and goes to hell. If you believe the bible I would think you would not take ANYTHING that could be a mark. I do believe the mark will be given after the believers are taken out of the earth. I don't want to start a discussion on that (or maybe we should) but that's not what this is about. However if you don't want to end up in hell be careful. Look into the bible before you mark your body, before you do anything to your body. And consider believing in Jesus just google salvation how to believe in Jesus. Its up to you I'm just sayin

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maren490 days ago

You really need to read and his books.
For example "ANIMAL FARM" or better "YEAR 1984".

RFID chip is not good for people and humanity at all.

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capybara490 days ago

I just love all of the "knee-jerk" reactions from a lot of the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists out there.
Bottom line: STAY ALERT. Do your homework. Stay well educated. Don't panic. Pray. Keep things in perspective.
You'll be fine.

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capybara490 days ago

I just love all of the "knee-jerk" reactions from a lot of the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists out there.
Bottom line: STAY ALERT. Do your homework. Stay well educated. Don't panic. Pray. Keep things in perspective.
You'll be fine.

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Meow489 days ago

This idea is totally fine. The chip will make people life easier and faster! HOWEVER nowadays its more like wearing a collar with a leash by your own will. IMhO humanbeings should atleast remove money (& any other enslaving tool) before using that kind of technology.
*harsh example*
If you obey the law, pay taxes and your mental condition is fine then this Chip would solve a lot of routine stuff for you.
But if you found an alternate energy source and want to break through oil domination, then this Chip will help to restrict you from doing any kind of activity ASAP.
The "IDentification thingy thing" removes human factor. I find it dangerous especially in the world where you got judged by other people.
I am a little paranoid with that tech since the paths of chip usage could be bright or cruel.
Chip is just a tool and you should understand what its doing to you by URSelf
It collect information about you.--> Its about time this tool will become necessarily to use.
And then BOOYA your barehanded children gather Uranium for Rothschild's Doomsday machine

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ip970521487 days ago


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aniawa478 days ago

I suggest that every illegal alien have an RFID chip implanted on them before we deport them. If our drones detect them again, we round them up, put them on a C-130 and fly them to somewhere in the jungles of South America. Word will spread real fast. Either get here legally or find a home in the jungle. That's a harsh stance but have you ever been the victim of a violet crime committed by an illegal alien? You (or your love ones) wind up in the hospital or dead, the illegal gets to go home. That's experience talking.

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aniawa478 days ago

Oh, and ckoch, you should re-read the Book of Revelation (especially Rev. 13:18.). I am just finishing up my PhD dissertation on the Book of Revelation. “666” is a number that signifies something less than perfect. Notice there are 3 sixes. One 6 for each of the anti-triune godhead, each less than perfect. Verses 16 & 17 refer to the sum of the letters of the first beast’s name. So, either the first beast name or the sum of the letters of his name will be the mark embedded on the right hand or forehead of non-believers. That is why verse 18 is a stand-alone paragraph. It was not meant to be a continuation of the thoughts expressed in verses 16 & 17. If you have any other questions, try

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SISTER_J0J0476 days ago

I do not believe it is the mark of the beast.

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