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What are the main problems faced the society Reward $25
Created by Nithin, 1522 days ago, 1938 views

How to solve, what are the apparatus, what are the needs.
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TonyW501522 days ago

The most pressing issue right now is the general inequality in a world where arm's dealers get rich arming third world countries, and then various major powers starting a civil war. As humans we need to hold ourselves and others accountable. The morality in D.C. is at an all time low. Lying is accepted by too many, thus politicians get away with so much. How many countries have been in a continuous civil war for decades, all because America wants a certain leader, and Russia or China wants another? Companies go in and take away the natural wealth (like gold, oil, etc) from the people it should belong to, the citizens of that country. I watched a line of people walking out of Syria, homeless, with just the clothes on their back. Children's faces dirty, lacking expression, as if their life force was gone, and then I cried for the next ten minutes. The big lie is there are too many people on this planet. The truth is too much of the wealth has been hoarded by families like the Rothchilds. Independent auditors estimate their real wealth, as a family, to be 500 trillion. Just half that could wipe out hunger, many diseases, and build schools and infrastructure. Every child born into this world should have an equal chance to embrace and pursue their hopes and dreams, regardless of race or religion. So, to fix the problem people need to learn the truth about how wars really start. Banks have too much control, and when war breaks out they lend to every side in the conflict. This lack of ethics in the interest of profits sickens me the most. This world has seen enough violence. It's time to put away the guns, pick up the books, and learn to respect other people. I often post that my opinion is equal to just 1/7 billionth of all the other opinions out their, no more and no less important than that. The top 1 percent of the top 1 percent of the richest people have all the power. They own the banks, the oil, and so many other things. They repress technology that would benefit society so greatly so they can continue to profit the same way and maintain their power and status. This has to change, and the world needs to heal. The mess that Russia and China and America has made out of Africa, Central America, and the Middle East is tragic .

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vickyph841522 days ago

i feel like its racism and how to fix that is people need to start to learn how to get along and stop worrying abouts the small things in life.

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yydhis1521 days ago

In my opinion the main problem is economical inequality, the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer (just consider that as of now 1% of the population owns over the 60% of the global resources). This is very deleterious for society, since it destroys sociatel cohesion. It's possible that in the future, with the over population "problem" (it's a problem just because of the bad distribution of wealth), the transition of second world countries to first world, and the inevitable mass unenployment caused by machines (see technological unenployment) will probably lead to a global unrest, as more and more people become poor.

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Aravi1521 days ago

Hi @Nithin

They are:-

1) Pollution which climes 6 million lives per year around the world.

2) Crime against the women and children. However, it not high due to the strict law; but this is not even tolerable even once in a year

3) Poverty in world which climes more life then world war 1 and world war 2.

4) Corruption that is more dangerous then cancer.

5) Religious/ racial discrimination that poison a human to treat other human without worst then animal in street. For which god have not created us.

6) Lack of education for brilliant young minds due to poor background and commercialization of education.

7) Terrorism that teach a person to go out of humanitarian path.


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VanT1521 days ago

To mug people!!!

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Pravy1520 days ago

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.The saying has a deep meaning.
Help people as you would want help from somebody someday. Treat others well as you would want yourself to be treated. Care for the world as you would want the world to care for you.
I believe this will make the world a better place.

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yogisugandi251520 days ago

1. Identifying The Problem
2. Roadblocks to Problem Solving
3. How to Find Solutions.........
1. Association
2. Analogy
3. Brainstorming
4. Intuition
5. Analytical Thinking..........
4. Sorting Out the Best Solution
5. The Plan of Action
6. Evaluating the Plan of Action
7. Obstacles You May Encounter
8. Simulating the Solution / Plan of Action
9. Successful Implementation
Evaluating the Success of Your Solution

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Fizzz1508 days ago

It is really hard to take one thing and say THAT is the biggest problem facing society today. However, something I personally believe is that most problems can be fixed through education, and I'm not only talking about the education of children at school, I'm talking about what we see and hear everyday on the street, on T.V, on the radio, and in every household. Humanisation is an important part of education.

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batov31508 days ago


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saaksshi1506 days ago


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Oleg199999721506 days ago

Соглашусь с мнением многих участников опроса. Социальные неравенства. Одни не знают как заработать хлеб насущный, а другие не знают
как потратить свои "кровно" заработанные. Вот тут действительно задумаешься в причинах многих бед.

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