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Is our dreams related to reality? Reward $2
Created by boyz, 1491 days ago, 1843 views

Is our dreams related to reality?
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voineaadi1489 days ago

They are related to our reality most of the time. Related to our past, present or future situation. A dream can come from a certain gut feeling that something will happen, and sure enough the mind will warn you about that aspect in a dream. Or dreams can be the result of high expectations and similarly enough we will dream certain situation that we expect to happen in our lives. Dreams can also come in series, where you dream a sequence over a period of weeks, months or years. They can also be repetitive if the mind is trying to send you an important message. Dreams can certainly be meaningful, Jung certainly has treated this subject very seriously, and also from a mystical perspective they can be highly significant. Combine mystical interpretation with modern psychology and you will be amazed at what you will discover about yourself, just by studying your dreams. Good luck!

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willie1491 days ago

How interesting ..... nothing else to do ?????? :-)))))

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yogisugandi251491 days ago

One view is that dreams are a side-effect of a memory reorganization or consolidation process that occurs while we sleep. Another is that they may be a mechanism for exploring how to respond in certain hypothetical situations. Another is that they relate to organizing the emotional and motivational structure of life, perhaps to allow more efficient action during the day.

Dreams could be an accidental side-affect of neural activity during sleep, such as the various memory and strategy optimization models mentioned above. Or dreams could possibly serve some sort of cultural purpose.

The neuroscience view on the content of dreams is that it is derived from experiences during the waking state. As the logic goes, where else could the content come from? The symbols of dreams include familiar people and familiar places. And when dreams take one into strange worlds, those worlds are strange in a way that is comprehensible -- earth-like or "meaningfully" imaginative, using communication in a familiar language. So the semantic elements that serve as the building blocks of dreams do seem to come indirectly at least from a lifetime of everyday experience.

Some believe that dreams are a portal onto another plane of reality. This view shows up in fiction from time to time, when the dream-world is portrayed as equally real as the real-world. But efforts to show that communication between individuals can happen through dreams or that dreams can reliably predict or interact with reality have not been persuasive.

Dream analysis is taken seriously in psychotherapy as a way of gaining insight into "subconscious" desires, fears, and motivations. Why this strategy seems to be effective is unclear. As with astrology, some would say it is a placebo effect, and others would say that it is tapping into something important and real that is going on beneath the level of direct awareness.

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pustoi111491 days ago

dreams awakens creative thinking leads to unexpected insights. Often, solutions, most, difficult problems come precisely in periods of free movement of our thoughts. yes,dreams related to reality. they help us to survive and hope for the best. without that does not make sense to live.

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etienne1490 days ago

Once I dream that I eat a candyfloss and when I wake up my pillow sisappeared ...!

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etienne1490 days ago

I mean disappeared!

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Aravi1490 days ago

Hi @boyz

Dream belongs to reality or myth, depends on what you dream and how well you take effort for it. A real dream is one which dose not come when you sleep. It is a motivation to do or become something or to achieve something. It may not be the one which keeps you in convince. It may not let you sleep until you win it. It may be the one which decides what you are today and tomorrow.

All the best for your true dream.


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hotmolecules1490 days ago


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alienflyer1489 days ago

Of course, as our reality is related to our dreams. Think about it. Dejavu' is not an old wives tale.

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charlielan1489 days ago

It is said that the things that appear in your dreams are all things you have seen at some point in your life, and are implanted into your subconscious. So in a sense, they are a combination of real environments you have encountered at different points in your life.

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Bine4851487 days ago

ja, sicher - in den Träumen verarbeitet man Dinge, die man am Tag nicht verkraftet hat - so kann man das Leben ertragen

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yydhis1487 days ago

Short answer:
Dreams are, believe it or not, experiences of the spirit, while the body is resting.

Long Answer:
Many many things are not understood in the world of today. Mainly because the wrong tool is used in trying to measure.

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Signus1483 days ago

Most of our dreams are caused by what we do in real life. Yeah so I guess it is related a bit but not the the extent that you would say its a prediction or premonition, only in a sense that it affects our psychological welfare.

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zrodfects1482 days ago

My own personal opinion I am leaning towards dreams have no relations to real life, you may dream of real life events since these are technically thoughts, but a dream is a way for your mind to have it's own little fun that you can not do in reality, from showing more confidence around others than you would in real life, be some sort of super hero where as in real life you would be totally opposite, even robbing and stealing from places that you obviously wouldn't do in real life, there is also having thoughts of your dream expensive wedding or places you want to visit, remember you don't control what you do your brain controls all that you do, it is just like my brain telling me to type these comments, so when your asleep there is virtually no body movement for your brain to control so your mind is technically having a me time :)

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yemioke1482 days ago

Dreams are always typified by something in reality

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Fizzz1474 days ago

Without getting into any spiritual or mistical "theories", of course your dreams are connected to your reality. That's why you may have a dream where you are at work, or naked in public. Dreams are completely made up by your brain when you sleep, taking everything that's in there and making something out of it.

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Meow1467 days ago

Bright pictures of your awaken activity collapsed into one ball with deep emotions, faces of people you love and hate And shown to you in form of whirling pterodactyl sodomia... They are related to life and attempts to understand why you see this and that is like trying to untangle server wires, especially if there are plenty of things happening in your life

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