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How to delete a question in this site Reward $2
Created by kessili_rachid, 810 days ago, 1323 views

How to delete a question in this site
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kessili_rachid810 days ago

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

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WiseCleaner_admin810 days ago

what do you want to delete?

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Pravy810 days ago

You cannot do so.. Its a sin that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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Whiterabbit01810 days ago

I presume you are talking about your other question 'How To Keep Your Marriage Fresh'?

As I've not posted a question I cannot be sure, but, when posting do you have the ability to edit the question? If so, maybe you could change the question, or just edit it to nothing (i.e. remove every word and leave it blank). If you can edit ,but can't remove everything, think of something else to replace the original question.

Of course if that is possible, some of the answers that have already been posted may seem a little odd to outside observers. You could message anyone who has replied and ask them to edit their answers as well. Of course that will depend on whether you can edit the original question. I hope you can.



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yogisugandi25810 days ago

You can not remove an answer that, but you can change
click your answer and cllick edit.......good luck

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Aravi809 days ago

Hi @kessili_rachid

You can't delete a question in his portal. But you can avoid people from answering the post.

Method 1: Click edit > change the content to as below

--------------------------------- I don't want any answer for this post ------------ Kindly consider this question as deleted ------------------------

Use the below key to call admin @WiseCleaner_admin
Now it is up to admin whether he want to keep the post or not.

Method 2: Simply select any best answer, you will not get answer for resolved question.


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ckoch808 days ago

you should think before you write otherwise you are in hot water

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nuklin806 days ago

You can only rephrase the question or change it entirely but you can't have your reward back.

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vickyph84805 days ago

i believe you can only delete it from a pc not a mobile device.

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Bine485804 days ago

Ich wollte auch einen Eintrag von mir gelöscht haben - habe an die Email-Adresse aus "Contact Us" (ganz unten auf der Seite geschrieben.

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yanka457786 days ago

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yanka457786 days ago

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JamezDoesGamez771 days ago

You cannot delete questions

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