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Can you lose your Artist Talent along you life if you don"t use it? Reward $25
Created by kindred0314, 811 days ago, 1665 views

I was a very talent and creative person when I was younger, I got sick and haven't draw, painted, or wrote any creative in 18 years. I fell the pull but can't seem to put what I have in my head on Paper, should I keep prating or just give up?
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Aravi810 days ago

Hi @kindred0314

The answer is yes, if you don't practice at all for a long time. Artist Talent depends on your practice. Regular practice will enhance the talent but not practicing will led to depreciation of the talent.

How this talent works?

This talent have 1) how your hand handles your brush/ pencil (mortar muscle system skill ) 2) related command from brain which resides deep inside brain (this part is predicted to be less used in normal life). These both will require frequent practicing.

Is it possible to regain the skill?

Kindly note that, if you have ever learnt this skill in any life span will reside in your deep memory and you can easily re-polish the skill.

Should you keep practicing or just give up?

According to me, it is one of the greatest god's gift. So keep practicing. If you don't find time just make some time for an hour in a week at-least.


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Denyingchaos811 days ago

I think you should go kill yourself. You can't even spell so how can you even think about being an artist.

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betteboop80811 days ago

Keep trying your best..If you were once good at something you still are..I am 81 years old and I still do craft work, sewing and even Ebay..l will never give up as long as I can GET UP...

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aprilmeleblanc810 days ago

I was never very artistic and really I never had an interest to be an artist. I am a "Born Again Christian" as of August 2013 and God delivered me from all my addictions; He healed me from all my illnesses even from being HIV positive and now HE also has given me talents I never had. I do desktop publishing art and all different types of media such as music videos and even building websites. I have never even taken a course for any of these things so I would not give up. There is a song we sing "Don't give up on God and HE won't give up on you" so perhaps you just need some faith! I will say a prayer for you that HE will come into your life and restore your talents and even bless you with more! Amen

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yogisugandi25810 days ago

“Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself has a certain obligation: to know that he cannot waste this talent, but must develop it.”.........
Keep spirit

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aklewis808 days ago

The answer is YES. lack of practice will lead to imperfection and eventually lose of talent, when you continue to practice or perform a talent over and over, you develop the skill and perfection in that talent.

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ckoch807 days ago

I don't agree the answer is no. With a little practice it comes right back. Why does someone who is not an artist give an answer and get best answer. oh my gosh! I'm an artist I promise its a gift it does not go away ever.

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ckoch807 days ago

@aprilmeleblanc praise God! I'm happy to hear this

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