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What's the Difference Between a Proxy and a VPN? Reward $2
Created by sunrise, 844 days ago, 2726 views

What's the Difference Between a Proxy and a VPN?
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wim844 days ago

-PROXIES are great for low-stakes tasks like watching region-restricted YouTube videos, bypassing simple content filters, or bypassing IP-based restrictions on services.Proxy servers only hide your IP address and act as a dumb man-in-the-middle for your Internet traffic. They don’t encrypt your traffic between your computer and the proxy server, they don’t typically strip away identifying information from your transmissions beyond the simple IP swap, and there are no additional privacy or security considerations built in.
-VPNs are set up at the operating system level, and the VPN connection captures the entire network connection of the device it is configured on. This means that unlike a proxy server, which simply acts as a man-in-the-middle server for a single application (like your web browser or BitTorrent client), VPNs will capture the traffic of every single application on your computer, from your web browser to your online games to even Windows Update running in the background.
With a VPN, neither your ISP nor any other snooping parties can access the transmission between your computer and the VPN server. If you were traveling in a foreign country, for example, and you were worried about logging into your financial web sites, email, or even connecting safely to your home network from afar, you could easily configure your laptop to use a VPN.
proxies are great for hiding your identity during trivial tasks (like “sneaking” into another country to watch a sports match) but when it comes to more series tasks (like protecting yourself from snooping) you need a VPN.

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brendaniel844 days ago

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network set up to communicate privately over a public network. A VPN protects your data between your laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android device and an internet gateway. It does this by creating an impenetrable, secure tunnel to prevent snoopers, hackers and ISPs from viewing your web-browsing activities, instant messages, downloads, credit card information or anything else you send over the network.
A proxy server (sometimes called a web proxy) generally attempts to anonymize web surfing. There are different varieties of anonymizers. The destination server (the server that ultimately satisfies the web request) receives requests from the anonymizing proxy server, and thus does not receive information about the end user’s address.
Proxies and VPNs are both designed to change your IP address and manipulate your internet browsing to allow you to access YouTube, Facebook etc. – so they will essentially unblock those restricted sites.
However a proxy doesn’t offer encryption, which means the information you are sending and receiving may be intercepted and stolen on public Wi-Fi. AVPN, on the other hand, will act both as a proxy and allow the access but also keeps your information and communication private due to encryption.

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Aravi844 days ago

Hi @sunrise

VPN - virtual private network. I industrial level, the corporate companies don't to access the public network with normal IP address. This is because they are tend to loose valuable data if got hacked. It is virtually made network system.

Proxy / Proxy server - It is a server which establish connection link between 2 end user / computers or to a server.

Then what is the difference between commercial VPN plugin and proxy and VPN:-

Commercial VPN plugins is a semi proxy service and semi VPN service, which have its server across the globe when a user connection any Internet service provider (ISP)will be able to user their VPN service.

Proxy - it is generally assumed to provide a static IP / set of IP range to be used.

VPN (the one which is used in corporate level)- It is offered by ISP at the corporate level. They provide fixed set of IP and network bandwidth as well in their own network service. It has a virtual partition between public network and a VPN offered to corporate and other VPNs. It is like corporate companies run their own network system with the help of a ISP.

The difference between Commercial VPN plugins and VPN is that VPN have full private network. Commercial VPN plugins has to be accessed via other ISP and not complete private network.

The major advantage and disadvantage:-

Can any one hack / read your shared internet data

Proxy : high possibility. Even a proxy service could be belong to any hacker group

Commercial VPN plugins: till you reach the server security level = the security level of your ISP. The risk is just like Proxy server. But somehow secured if the company have market reputation.

VPN: service Highly secured until any one enter your server.

Internet speed.

Proxy: makes your net speed slow due to switching your IP address

Commercial VPN plugins: Have less slowdown due to running VPN between their server.

VPN: It can have speed in MBPS depending on the ISP and the company's tariff.

Cost effective:

Proxy: Mostly cheep / free.

Commercial VPN plugins: Depends on the service provider. It will be reasonable price/ free.

VPN: expensive.


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nihal29844 days ago

it stated every detail of an vpn and proxy .
in laymen language proxy = for one user/application vpn = for whole system /every app

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ralphfurgason844 days ago

The purpose of using both VPN and proxy servers is to conceal the users identity, or to spoof a certain geo-location (so for example geo-locked services such as many TV streaming websites may be watched outside their country of origin). Many VPN Providers, in addition to offering VPN also provide some kind of proxy service, and there are also many public proxy servers which can be used for free.

See the complete exhaustive story here......

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ha14844 days ago


VPN is superior in almost every way to proxies

1) Proxy Server
In computer networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.

2) VPN
A virtual private network (VPN) is a computer network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure such as the Internet to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization's network.

1) A VPN can only support a connection between one computer or network and the remote network. For multiple users you need to set up multiple VPNs.
2) A single proxy server can service multiple users (thousands...).
3) VPNs are more difficult to set up.
4) ) Proxy servers are cheaper and often easier to set up for multiple users.
5) VPN : makes your device as a member of a desired Network
6) Proxy connects you to another destination, instead of you doing that.
7) VPN It gives high-level encryption up to 256-bit.
8) Proxy it gives very low-level security.
9) With VPN, you can access any website from anywhere in the world
10) Proxy only works for certain geo-restrictions and cannot help you bypass strong firewalls and censorship.
11) VPN doesn’t compromise your internet speed.
12) Proxy It does compromise your internet speed
13) VPN is 99.9% stable
14) Proxy usually crashes most of the time

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wachid843 days ago

dont different it

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yogisugandi25843 days ago

What is VPN?

A VPN service provider (otherwise known as a Virtual Private Network) encrypts all of your traffic, replacing your ISP and routing all traffic through the VPN server, including programs and applications you might be using on your laptop or smartphone.

A VPN will work with all internet-based services. Everything is routed through that server when connected, so all of your web traffic and device use is 100% protected when using VPN services.

..........What is Proxy?

Think of a proxy as a web filter. The web service proxy settings are applied to your internet browser whether you're using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any other web browser.

When browsing the internet through a proxy server, all security, speed, and option to choose geographic location are enhanced - but only when browsing the internet. Even the best proxy service will only secure traffic via an internet browser using the proxy server settings. There is no way to automatically configure use for your other smartphone apps or computer programs.

A proxy server is completely browser-based. It is not as compatible with certain web pages that use non-browser technology. It also does not protect you or offer any additional benefits when using apps or desktop/laptop clients.....

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Jeffnaija842 days ago

The purpose of using both VPN and proxy servers is to conceal the users identity, or to spoof a certain geo-location (so for example geo-locked services such as many TV streaming websites may be watched outside their country of origin). Many VPN Providers, in addition to offering VPN also provide some kind of proxy service, and there are also many public proxy servers which can be used for free.

So the question for many people is ‘what is the difference between a proxy and VPN?’, and perhaps even more importantly, ‘do I need to use VPN or will a cheaper / free proxy suit my needs?’. Although performing a similar function, the actual processes involved are very different, and therefore have very different consequences.

The subject is further complicated by the fact that there are a number of different types of proxy services available.

Proxy Servers

A proxy (technically an open proxy) server is a computer that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. Any traffic routed through a proxy server will appear to come from its IP address, not your computer’s. Unlike VPN servers, proxy servers do not have to devote resources to encrypting all traffic that passes through them, and therefore can accept simultaneous connections from a great many more users (typically tens of thousands)

Proxy servers usually communicate with the internet using one of 2 different protocols; HTTP or SOCKS.

Virtual Private Networks create an encrypted ‘tunnel’ between your computer and the host server, with the internet traffic going in and out of the host server. Your ISP or government can only see that you have connected to the VPN server and nothing else – your activities, IP addresses you have visited etc. are all completely hidden from them behind a minimum of 128-bit encryption.

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nicolebyer727841 days ago

You can read difference between VPN vs Proxy here
Every detail of VPN and Proxy you can get it on the above URL.

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Ashar273 days ago

when compared with vpn and proxy vpn's have extra benefits and extra security
for more information check out

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