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Is it easy to learn foreign songs? Reward $2
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Is it easy to learn foreign songs?
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RevG1413 days ago

I cannot say if learning a song in another language will be easy for you. While I imagine it would prove difficult for anyone to answer a question about someone else's ability to learn, your answer might depend on many factors. For example, some factors that might be relevant to anyone learning a song in a foreign language are a fondness for music in general, one's interests in learning the song, one's abilities to reproduce a language's sounds, one's motivations for learning the music, one's need or purpose for learning such a song, one's enjoyment of a foreign language and/ or its culture, one's capacity for memorization, and one's familarity and/or capacity with (or for) pronunciation and/or phonetics.

I enjoy a variety of music, and I have a natural interest in foreign languages, so I have learned a lot of songs in languages other than English. I seem to learn many foreign language songs rather easily. While English is my first language, I also know Spanish, so learning, for example, Shakira's songs Gitana and Loca came easily enough.

It took me a little longer to learn the national anthem song of Africa God Bless Africa, (in Swahili, it is called N'kosi Sikeleli Africa), but that may have been because its sounds are so different from sounds I already knew. Madonna's Shanti Ashtangi was fun to learn. I learned Janet Jackson's song Again in French fairly easily, though, and I actually prefer the French version to the English one. Josh Groban's song Alla Luce Del Sole was fairly easy to learn, too. Thaiyya Thaiyya from Dil Se was a little challenging, though.

While I do not speak Swahili, Sanskrit, French, Italian or Urudu, I do enjoy learning songs in foreign languages, and, for the most part, I have found learning these songs is an enjoyable and rewarding experience regardless of how easily or not it was to learn them.

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Walphai1413 days ago

As long as you have the syllables spelles in your language it should nit be too hard to memorize the song. For example if you are a native american and you are trying to learn a song in korean you wknt be able to memorize it if it is written in korean. But you can memorize it if the pronunciation of the korean words is written in english

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Aravi1413 days ago


Yes, but the clear word pronunciation is the only difficult. This is because, the word is belong to particular region's language; but the rhythms and music are internation languages. They are common for all irrespective of what part of the world you reside in.

The most important thing in this is your interest to learn a song.


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Taras19821413 days ago

Когда дело касается иностранных языков, все мы отличаемся удивительной нетерпеливостью. Так хочется, чтобы одно мгновение и вуаля – песня уже лежала в копилке нашего подсознания! Не все так просто, но и не все так сложно!

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yogisugandi251411 days ago

Find good learning resources - Choose songs you like. The good thing about music and song lyrics is that we connect them emotionally and have a much easier time shifting those words into our long-term memory. On the other hand, when listening to music, we don't ascribe too much importance to the correct use of grammar, the learning effect is much more passive. Things you might look for are:
Search for your favorite song in any foreign language
See the exact translation to every word of the song
Sing along to it
Learn it by heart
Practice with a number of language games
Use the built-in vocabulary trainer to never forget the song................

Know the meaning of each single word. This is especially important and sets you apart from normal fans and listeners of that foreign music. If you know, even only rudimentarily what all the words in a song are supposed to mean, you can automatically get an insight on how the language works. Make sure to review this step, as it is easy to forget the meaning of the most unusual words............

Sing the song often during your day. And enjoy learning it! Learning a song should be fun and give you insight into a different culture, explain to you what people of different countries care to sing about. If it is just simple, but not your type of music, then your progress will also slow down.
If you are into Anime or Western Animation, try theme songs!
Disney songs have always been translated into up to 30+ languages.
Pop Songs are usually easy to understand, as they have similar themes.
Children's songs might also be helpful, as they are also being used to teach the language to native children..............

If you are living in a country where that language is spoken: Look out for common patterns, search for words you just learned. Try to incorporate the words you just learned. They might seem outdated or lyrical but if people correct you, you learn something new, if they laugh, you can make a new friend!
But always remember: Songs won't teach you key phrases like "Hello" or "Goodbye". Make sure to learn them in advance when travelling to a foreign country. They will probably make up 90 percent of your initial conversation!

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kindred03141411 days ago

no it is not

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MarianaM211410 days ago

It really depends on your definition of "easy". I consider the internet makes it very much possible to learn foreign songs with an acurate pronounciation nowadays.
1.- You can look for the lyrics and listen to the song while reading.
2.- If you have trouble with an specific word, you can always look at it on a online dictionary. They usually have the pronounciation or audio attached.
3.- Practice, a lot of practice and patience.

Enjoy learning languages by singing along!

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Alirio1402 days ago

Yes, it´s easy, especially if you like the song you are trying to learn. Try to search at the name of the song followed by the word lyrics.

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Pravy1398 days ago

It's easy if your really interested in the song. I am a Indian. I already know 4 languages and i still end up loving japanese music. Their rock songs are simply super and their lyrics are damn good.
If you want to learn the old fashioned way to sing a song, then keep listening and making out words. That's what i do now, I don't follow lyrics available on the internet but rather listen and make out the song. This makes for a better feel for the song.
Or you can just google for the lyrics and get set go. :)

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danangsj1397 days ago

very easy, you can search for the title along with the lyrics. and tried to listen to his music

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