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What kind of person do you want to marry? Reward $2
Created by Prince_, 575 days ago, 892 views

What kind of person do you want to marry?
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crossedeye2003572 days ago

I am married to my soul mate. She is Honest, loving, caring, generous, and funny

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Walphai575 days ago

Someone whos sincere about feelings, doesnt matter if rich or not. Just needs to be funny, and kind.

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tron49575 days ago

I want to marry a beautiful and cool wife, that has a solid education.

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19mitch65575 days ago

a rich , very sickly old woman so I can get the $$$$$

no really one that will say YES

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volodj1612575 days ago


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Aravi575 days ago

Hi @Prince_

I want a Intelligent girl with some love and affection. One who know how to adjust with my parent.


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nihal29575 days ago

A person similar to me , who like what i like , a cheerful girl

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Prince_574 days ago

You remind me of Frank Gallagher.

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19mitch65574 days ago

Shameless' Frank Gallagher is one of the most challenging and fascinating protagonists on television.

SORRY never heard of him had to google the name

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pustoi11573 days ago

an ordinary man, with his habits and shortcomings. the most important thing, so I was comfortable with it.

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pustoi11573 days ago

Hey Aravi. you a girl? very surprised. for a girl, you're really quite clever. Respect.

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Aravi573 days ago

Hi @pustoi11

Very funny!

I am a 28 years old man. I want to marry to a young lady who is a girl.

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Aravi573 days ago

Lol @pustoi11

you told that you want to marry to a man. Are you a girl. Sorry I called you many times bro!!!

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Aravi573 days ago

Hi @pustoi11

Sorry, now I got what you try to say . I think I haven't checked what I have typed before I click on post. Thanks lol you saved my respect.


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yogisugandi25572 days ago

Responsible, understanding and kind actually if i should tell it it would be imposible cause it is hard to find one even our own selves can't be perfect. But to top it all he must love me. And we respect and trust each other

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Weedscoped571 days ago

i want to marry an elephant

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aliasadullah571 days ago

Who understands me loves me cares me and my parents and polite with every one..

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rakib0163570 days ago

I want to marry Beautifull honest & understand my any activities or habits.

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vinalley569 days ago

A person whose needs come before mine.

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TonyW50552 days ago

I was married for 25 years, got sick with Parkinson's and a variety of other serious issues, couldn't work, and she left me. This after working 2 jobs most of the time and always having a lucrative Ebay business on the side. I bought her flowers at least twice a month, treated her like a queen, had two beautiful and wonderful daughters, and ended up on disability and alone living with 3 friends in a house. There is no chance I will ever marry again. In fact, I am 50 and don't even want to date. I am happy being single and free to do what I want in life.

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ashishwadekar87552 days ago


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