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Traveling abroad with my senior parents, what should I pay attention to? Reward $5
Created by minice, 819 days ago, 1407 views

I plan to take my parents to travel abroad, but both of them are over 60 years old. What should I pay attention to during the traveling? And what will I need to prepare?

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Franzak819 days ago

Keep calm and quiet because they still want to tell you what to do (I'm nearly sixty years old)
Say always YES and think on your own way
Treat them like small children. (Sorry)

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igor819 days ago

Covers for seat belts, soft pillow on the seat and at the back, antiseptic gel and wipes, first aid kit with necessary medications.

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brendaniel819 days ago

1. Good old-fashioned etiquette goes a long way, Don’t let the fact that you’re “on vacation” get in the way of your manners.

2. Being old doesn’t mean being boring, Sure, they might not be taking the crowded public bus over rough dirt roads like they did back when they were young, but the “elderly” still know how to find a bit of thrill when exploring some place new.

3. A slower pace doesn’t mean you experience less, It’s no surprise that older travelers need a bit more time to get around, but a slower pace often lends itself to a more fulfilling experience. Us young travelers feel the need to see and do everything…in a day. But, it’s okay to skip the caves so you can fully enjoy the winery tour. Being young means you can always come back again, so take a deep breath and enjoy embodying the tortoise for a change.

4. Honest expectations and open communication are key, Just like any good relationship, communication and honesty are the most important things to remember when traveling with someone older than you.

5. They’ve been there, done that, and you should listen up, If traveling to a place your older half has already been, you’re bound to learn something beyond what the tour guides are telling you. They will already know it’s not worth it to take the elephant ride in Bali, but that you absolutely must stay at the one hotel at the top of Machu Picchu (even if it’s WAY more expensive than they remember it being 20 years ago), just to experience the ruins at dusk and dawn without all the tourists. They’ve seen a lot in their lifetime, and it’s worth it to listen as they take a stroll down memory lane.

6. Reserve Lodging in Advance, If you are the type of person who prefers to wait until arrival to find your hotel, you might want to adjust your routine. Booking a hotel in advance can help decrease the overall stress of the trip. Keep in mind that seniors, even when in the best of shape, may have limited mobility compared to younger travelers. Booking a hotel in advance avoids rushing around in an unknown city with an elderly travel partner whose exercise tolerance may be different from your own. Going straight from the airport to your lodging allows you both to rest after the flight, which can be a huge relief.

Seniors sometimes take longer to recover from air travel and to adjust to changes in time zones, so it is often helpful to schedule relaxing one or two nights in a hotel at your arrival destination to recover from the flight. At the end of the trip, it is also a good idea to schedule a few nights of rest and relaxation in a central location before heading home. This is just as much for you as for your elderly companion. If you functioned as the tour director and coordinator, you might need this R&R before heading back to busy schedules at home.

Dropping extra cash to stay at a safe, clean hotel close to the main attractions can also make a big difference in the enjoyment of your trip. Likewise, booking separate rooms can help insure a restful night for you both, which pays off big the next day (well rested travelers are less cranky travelers).

7. Budgeting extra money for conveniences in which you might not normally indulge is also important. For example, public transportation can be difficult for many seniors to access. Subway stairs can be tough on aged knees and hips. Waiting for buses in the hot sun (or cold wind) can exact a heavier toll on seniors than on younger travelers. Paying extra money for a cab ride can make you both happier. If you plan on visiting more than one city, renting a car can be easier on your elderly travel companion than taking local transport. Keep in mind, though, that you may end up being the driver, navigator, and porter. So be prepared for this added stress, as well as that of driving in a foreign country.

If you are the type of person who saves money by eating one meal a day, keep in mind that this routine might not be so easy for an elderly parent. Budgeting money for regular meals at reputable restaurants (which could mean foregoing street food) will keep you both healthy and happy.

Spending money on tourist guides, who know the terrain better than you, can minimize the risk of getting lost, as well as the added exertion and stress this can cause. Local guides can also be a fountain of regional knowledge, as well as a social outlet. Let’s face it, two people traveling together eventually run out of things to say. A local guide can provide welcome comic relief.

8. Health Issues, Before you go, make sure that you both visit the doctor. Depending on where you plan to travel, you may need vaccinations or other prophylactic measures, such as an immunoglobulin shot. If your parent has any health conditions, your doctor can provide advice on how to stay healthy during the trip. Your doctor will also be able to prescribe medications: antimalarials or other antibiotics that may be needed should either of you become sick.

Remember to pack your own over-the-counter first aid and health items: hand wipes or hand sanitizers, Tylenol or aspirin, Pepto-Bismol, stool softeners for constipation, sleep aids, band aids and alcohol wipes (especially if you are traveling in a tropical climate). If you or your elderly travel companion takes prescription medication, remember to pack it in your carry on and not in your checked bag. With the medications in hand there is no risk of missed doses if your bags get lost or the flight is delayed. If your parent is diabetic, be prepared to plan your trip around meal times in order to avoid low blood sugar levels. When site seeing, make sure you bring snacks and water with you in case of a dip in blood sugar.

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Aravi819 days ago

Hi @minice

1) According to medical condition of the parents, sufficient personal medicines should be in stock

2) Ensure some surplus money for any unpredictable situation.

3) In advance, book your tickets in a good travel agency and reserve a room.

4) Take a travel insurance cover for your parents.

5) Kindly ensure with a doctor that their health is advisable to travel. It is also recommended by airport port authority.

6) If your parents have other issue like flight sickness,etc. Ensure proper preparedness for the same.

7) Ensure, some biscuit packets and water bottle, in case of delay in airport security check.


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pustoi11819 days ago

60 years old, it is not 90. the older we get, the more value the comfort. Of course, you should always be prescribed medication by your doctor. I would recommend medication for the heart. since, according to statistics change places and new experiences (on the road), adversely affect the elderly cardiovascular system.

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minice818 days ago


Say always YES?

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Chelper817 days ago

Pay attention to pick pocketers, make sure they are up to date with their shots. never leave them alone. any meds they are on make sure they take them. if you are traveling with a group never leave the group. always if possible have a guide with you it is so much more interesting because they can share things with you that you would never have guessed or thought possible it makes everything more exciting.
never follow anyone that ask you to except for your guide. good luck and enjoy. I went to many different countries and worked in a remote village in India loved it.

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AVPuzanov817 days ago

what will I need to prepare

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AVPuzanov817 days ago


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cyburbs816 days ago

I'm a senior. Everyone's advice is nice, but as a worn out traveler, I can tell you the important issues if your not in the greatest health. Many area tours feature a great deal of stair climbing, and walking up steep uneven roads. Do not do these these things unless parents are in good physical shape. The most important thing for older men it to always be able to get to a bathroom somewhere as the need arises often. Some tours are bathroom breaks every 2 hours. This might not work out at all for them. It is important to eat a small snack or small meal every few hours. People get weak and dizzy from strenuous activities. Drinking water as often as they want is a must. Other than that, there are sometimes mobility issues when taking excursions all types of powered ground and water vehicles. So basically, what is fun for younger people, is painful for older people. You have to compromise when it comes to the fun activities together.

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alienflyer815 days ago

Umm, where is abroad? . .

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