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Why people climes that Russian election is not held in fare manure? 5
Created by Aravi, 1421 days ago, 1628 views

Mr. Vladimir Putin have win election with majority of vote. But why some people in Russia don't think that election is carried in fair meaner?

Any specific reason? Can anyone share me the exact reason behind this?
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nash561419 days ago

In any democracy or simply civil nation there will be someone against the system. Most probably in USA you will leave the same situation if D.Trumph will be elected as president. You believe that everybody will agree with his philosophy of politic ?? In the case of Russia they leave from an history of dictature, like many other east countries and the changement must be done gradually. The switch is not immediate, I believe that these are the rigth steps to avoid that the country live into the chaos.

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nunitak1416 days ago

Please list what Duma has done in one column and what President Putin has done in the other column. Then bear will answer.

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Aravi1416 days ago

Hi @nunitak

As per my knowledge Mr. Duma Speaker is the new head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. He is exclusively appointed by President Putin.

Sorry I am not in Russia. Do you mean to it have something to do with elections held?


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garrygagarry1385 days ago

Когда ты живя в России,в 90-е годы видел.как уничтожали и развороввывали твою страну,когда уничтожали все,что было создано твоим народом ты понимаешь.что скоро пойдешь просто грабить и убивать от безисходности,и вдруг приходит человек,который поднимает твою страну с колен и Россию начинают уважать и бояться-тогда ты за
этого человека не только руками-и ногами голосовать будешь.!!!Ферштейн????

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