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Created by Lisaly, 759 days ago, 1264 views

Sometimes, it is bad to lose temper. How do you control your anger?
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pustoi11758 days ago

it can, only a person who lives by reason and not by emotion. in other cases, it is impossible. when you have going on anger. ask yourself, as far as I'm smart enough to not react with anger at the situation. psychologists earn money tricking stupid people in different ways. but the fact is, to control their emotions, we need brains.

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alienflyer759 days ago

Sarcasm, works everytime!

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MaheshPatil759 days ago

1. firstly hold your fingers tightly folding on your palm and count numbers

2. take a chunk of water if available

3. think once is it worth giving the switch of your anger/mood in someone's hands and will it really matter/solve the issue if you become angry.

4. our leaf parts of body get activated when you become angry
So, let it express through writing as fast as you may reduce it's intensity

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Aravi759 days ago

Hi @Lisaly

1) Be patient.

2) Take a glass of water.

3) If not works you freely express it, because barring anger deep inside you will harm your health. Anger is also a normal human feeling like as happiness or sadness.

If you want to ask how to avoid express your excess anger without spoiling relationship with other.

1) Make them understand in polite manner that your not plead to hear them more.

2) Make them understand that they are just making some rubbish.

3) Some people don't have enough brain size. For such people you are free to reply but add some hummer (like jam between dry bread).

If he is the person above you and you can't express, get a sand bag and put his photo in it and hit hard till bag breaks.


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Farabi759 days ago

Просто говори но оборот 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

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lrsoto2757 days ago

Avoiding people

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Ivak757 days ago

рвать и метать и з хорошим другом пообщатся

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Lisaly757 days ago


That is hard to control.

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Lisaly757 days ago


Still looking for... and that is why I post here.

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skorpion05757 days ago


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vitaliy79757 days ago

Cделайте десять глубоких вдохов. Это действительно работает!
Очень помогает физическая нагрузка: прогулка, плавание, пара приседаний, партия в настольный теннис, или дыхательные и медитативные практики: йога, у-шу.
Смените обстановку – физически выньте себя из обстановки, в которой возникло раздражение. Сходите вкусно покушайте или пройдитесь по магазинам.
Если вы сидите на собрании или «на ковре у босса» и не можете делать никаких заметных движений, сконцентрируйте внимание поочередно на своих конечностях (их у вас четыре), старайтесь расслабить все мышцы в каждой из них. Постарайтесь расслабить нижнюю челюсть и язык – это тоже хорошо успокаивает.
Дежурная подушка – проверенное средство. Поколотите ее от души, но только наедине с собой.
Выплесните гнев на бумагу. Это – древнейший инструмент контроля над эмоциями. Напишите все, что вы думаете, а потом, желательно, сожгите написанное. Можно пройти тренинг по древнеславянской психотехнике «писанке». Это простой и эффективный инструмент. Почему я внесла этот прием в список физиологических инструментов? Потому что письмо включает мелкую моторику, как «ручное», как и на компьютере.
Мелкая моторика – замечательное средство подавления эмоций и гнева, в частности. Например, вязание, вышивание, лепка пельменей.

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vitaliy79757 days ago

Take ten deep breaths. It really works! Helps physical activity: walking, swimming, a couple of sit-UPS, ping-pong, or breathing and meditative practices: yoga, u-Shu. Change the environment – remove yourself physically from the situation in which there is irritation. Go delicious to eat or go shopping. If you sit in the meeting or on the carpet with the boss and can't make any significant movement, concentrate alternately on their limbs (they have four), try to relax all the muscles in each of them. Try to relax the lower jaw and tongue is also very tempting. Duty pillow – proven tool. Beat her from the heart, but only in private. Release the anger onto the paper. It is the oldest instrument of control over emotions. Write what you think, and then, preferably, burn written. You can go training on old Slavic psycho "Pysanka". This is a simple and effective tool. Why I brought this technique to the list of physiological tools? Because the letter includes fine motor skills, as manual, and computer. Fine motor skills is a wonderful means of suppressing emotions and anger in particular. For example, knitting, embroidery, modeling ravioli.

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Walphai757 days ago

Anger is often due to personnal problems. For example of you get too angry at your friend because he was a bit late, the source of anger has probably nothing to do with him being late, but rather has to do with a test you failed earlier that wekk, or a fight you had with your friend 2 weeks ago. And thus, to end the anger you just have to deal with whatever it is that's bothering you and admit that the reason you are angry is the fight that happened two weeks ago and not him being late (in the example).

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Yvesced757 days ago

I think it's a good idea to have a routine when you are angry. Try to do some exercise, watch a TV programme that you like, or eating your best meal are some good ideas. They make you happier and kinder!

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volodj1612757 days ago

1 способ медитации: лежа на спине под медитативную музыку расслаблять свое тело, следя внутренним взором от макушки до пальцев ног и обратно. И так 10-15 минут, не меньше (поставить таймер или записать трек именно на это время).

2 способ: нарисовать черную точку на чистом листе, прикрепить на стене или двери, сесть перед ней и смотреть не отвлекаясь 10-15 минут, не меньше. К вам будут приходить, конечно, разные мысли и чувства, в том числе ощущение глупости этого действия; мысли, что это бесполезное занятие; приходить идеи, что нужно сделать прямо сейчас; вы будете вспоминать незавершенные или забытые дела, обещания позвонить... Но именно в этот момент, не вскакивая и не следуя за своими мыслями, вы и учитесь не следовать за ними в повседневной жизни - это и есть тренировка вашей свободы.

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hotmolecules757 days ago

minimize stress, think positive, be patient and compromise. discussion once cooled down .

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hotmolecules757 days ago

remember the anger only hurts you sometimes as they go on with their life

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Lisaly756 days ago


Well,taking no account of putting on weight or wasting money, I totally agree to go delicious to eat or go shopping when feel angry.

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Lisaly756 days ago


Although most of us have realized that anger can hurt ourselves, it is really difficult to control it in some condition.

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EvgenyCh756 days ago

Обычно, если ты злишься, значит случилось что-то серьезное, ведь будь это мелочью, необходимость ”включить гнев” была бы не нужна. Когда вы сердитесь, инстинкт говорит вам, стать агрессивным. Это естественная реакция, этот инстинкт с корнями в каждом из нас, как и борьба за выживание.
Итак, вот десять советов, чтобы держать нервы под контролем и узнать, как контролировать свой гнев:

Сделайте перерыв! Сосчитайте до 10, прежде чем вы реагируете.
Делайте физические упражнения! Движение помогает снять стресс.
Делайте дыхательные упражнения, просмотр расслабляющей сцены или повторяйте слова, которые вас могут успокоить.
Выражайте свой гнев в управляемом режиме, чтобы человек, который разозлил вас, понимал. Попытайтесь поговорить с кем-то, кто понимает вас.
Подумайте дважды, прежде чем сказать что-то, потому что потом можно пожалеть об этом.
Старайтесь говорить спокойно с человеком, который вызвал недовольство, также вы можете найти решение вместе.
Говорите за себя, когда вы ссылаетесь на то, что произошло, потому что другие могут обвинить не того.
Не держите зла! Никто не может вести себя все время, как вы это хотите.
Используйте юмор, чтобы излить гнев — представьте себя в забавных ситуациях.
Не используйте сарказм! Это еще одна форма неправильного выражения

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Chrt756 days ago

1.počítejte do deseti
2.všímejte si, jaké situace vás nejčastěji provokují k výbuchům
4.naučte se omlouvat

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lincoln756 days ago

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. However, it can be a problem if you find it difficult to keep it under control. "You can control your anger, and you have a responsibility to do so.
Let me give you 10 keys that you can use to control your anger
1. Dealing with anger:- Everyone has a physical reaction to anger. Be aware of what your body is telling you, and take steps to calm yourself down,
2. Recognise your anger signs:- Your heart beats faster and you breathe more quickly, preparing you for action. You might also notice other signs, such as tension in your shoulders or clenching your fists. "If you notice these signs, get out of the situation if you’ve got a history of losing control.
3. Count to 10:- Counting to 10 gives you time to cool down, so you can think more clearly and overcome the impulse to lash out.
4. Breathe slowly:- Breathe out for longer than you breathe in, and relax as you breathe out. "You automatically breathe in more than out when you’re feeling angry, and the trick is to breathe out more than in. This will calm you down effectively and help you think more clearly.
5. Managing anger in the long term:- Once you can recognise that you’re getting angry, and can calm yourself down, you can start looking at ways to control your anger more generally.
6. Exercise can help with anger:- Bring down your general stress levels with exercise and relaxation. Running, walking, swimming, yoga and meditation are just a few activities that can reduce stress. "Exercise as part of your daily life is a good way to get rid of irritation and anger.
7. Looking after yourself may keep you calm:- Make time to relax regularly, and ensure that you get enough sleep. Drugs and alcohol can make anger problems worse. "They lower inhibitions and, actually, we need inhibitions to stop us acting unacceptably when we’re angry.
8. Get creative:- Writing, making music, dancing or painting can release tension and reduce feelings of anger.
9. Talk about how you feel:- Discussing your feelings with a friend can be useful and can help you get a different perspective on the situation.
10. Let go of angry thoughts:- Try to let go of any unhelpful ways of thinking. "Thoughts such as 'It’s not fair,' or 'People like that shouldn’t be on the roads,' can make anger worse." Thinking like this will keep you focused on whatever it is that’s making you angry. Let these thoughts go and it will be easier to calm down.
Kindly try this key and you will see the result.

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Razsaheel756 days ago

Exhaust the anger through safe way like thrashing the bed pillows etc.

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pustoi11755 days ago

anger is a state close to a state of affect. and in the heat of passion, we are not able to control himself. the only thing you can do is not to let yourself fall into this state. for that you should be aware that this would be the worst of all, it is you.

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imspecialwinner754 days ago

Start crying !

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piyaraymiyan754 days ago


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piyaraymiyan754 days ago


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aliasadullah753 days ago

If you are standing plz sit down
if sitting then lay on the bed to keep calm
ignore the matters and take a bath or wash the face with cool water.

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Lisaly751 days ago


Most of the time, we are too angry to cry.

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muraki738 days ago

It is really impossible or very hard to control your emotions & strong urges. What has worked for me is to stop taking myself so serious and being so easily offended. Showing anger and being offended really are control devices over others.

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