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How did you meet your best friend? Reward $5
Created by bootup, 1464 days ago, 2331 views

How did you meet your best friend?
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RevG1463 days ago

At first, we lived 143 miles away from one another. I relocated to the same city as my friend for work, and we met in person at my apartment's front door for the very first time about a week after I settled in. That day, we spent the whole day talking about our lives, how we lived our lives, and laughing about similarities between us that were too unbelievaby funny. We've lived about 5 miles apart from one another every since then, and we see each other two or three times a month, but we still chat a lot online in the same chat room as we first made one another's online acquaintances.

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mujunibrian1464 days ago

in school

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Hellapu1464 days ago

Aki a barátom az a barátom nem teszek különbséget közöttük mert a barátaim !

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alienflyer1464 days ago

We both had the same ex-girl friend . .

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Ivak1464 days ago

в садике

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James007x1464 days ago

in cafe or any adventurous sport place to best hangout with best friends.

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Aravi1464 days ago

Hi @bootup
I have 3 best friends.

1st one, I meet him in school.

2nd, while learning in martial arts classes.

3rd, in my work place.


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Farabi1464 days ago

в школе

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hotmolecules1464 days ago

2 best friends at school and my wife at church

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moreira20mo1464 days ago

num shoping

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moreira20mo1464 days ago

na escola

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nihal291463 days ago

AT school , school friends are best friends .

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RevG1463 days ago

We met online in a chat room. Became besties after a couple of years while chatting online.

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bootup1463 days ago

do you live close to each other?

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maren1462 days ago

You can't meet best friend, you must deserve best friendship and save it!!!!

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Walphai1462 days ago

I met this guy once in my school, he told me he had just started playing a video game that i has been playing for years. I offered to play with him that night over the internet. We had fun and i taught him a couple of things about the video game and i jokingly said. I am your father, as if i was darthvader from starwars. Little did i know, his father had jusy died a few months ago. Now we are best friends, the end.

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ELahiawy1462 days ago

Mido ELahiawy

In Riyadh

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zukgod1462 days ago

I met my wife and best friend at a party 20 years ago, we have only spent a couple day's apart in the last 20 years. We have other people we hang out with, but we are lucky enough to enjoy one another's company so much that we do everything together, even work. We are very blessed to have found one another, I wouldn't want to live without her. We both just turned 40 so I hope we get another 40 years together, and can be that old couple that has a 60 year anniversary. Having your spouse as a best friend is the best thing in the world, it's great to always have someone to hang out with and enjoy the same things. We don't party much anymore, but still go out and have fun.
What are everyone's favorite things to do with your best friend? We enjoy going for road trips and finding new cool places, I have to say that's probably one of our favorite things to do, we also like to hike and gold prospect.

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nouri19961462 days ago

in school

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bootup1462 days ago

It is a lovely story.

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skorpion051462 days ago

во дворе

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HareBall1462 days ago

Spent time in the Air Force together

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LifeFox0071462 days ago

In school Mateusz Dubowik :D Ever Homies :D

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RevG1462 days ago


It's probably more common these days than it was 10 years ago. I am not sure why we talked in that chat room or why we happened to hit it off once we did. It might've been that our encounterthere was meant to be, or maybe it wasn't. Regardless, I think both of us would agree with the statement that we are both thankful for the other's friendship and that we also enjoy our unusual affinities.

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volodj16121462 days ago

Лучшие друзья-это ПАПА С МАМОЙ!!!

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Shogi1462 days ago

My husband bought him for me.

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jinx1462 days ago

in prison

this is him with his beautiful girlfriend

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