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Anyone can suggest a good english movie to watch this week? 5
Created by Aravi, 1417 days ago, 1599 views

Anyone can suggest a good english movie to watch this week?
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zrodfects1417 days ago

Uhm, not saying that it is, but a single answer only minutes after the question, without weighing out what others may suggest, you just pick the only answer, which one can only assume that this is a team effort in order to gain and share points/money with possible friends that you know, I only say this because this is too fishy and I have caught people out on this before, especially when it comes to picking best answers to the same person all the time even when the answer is not even 100% what was asked, I won't say names but things like this do get reported for this kinda thing as most of us are grown adults we need to set examples in order to keep this website the way it is for years to come, otherwise possible system cheats is kinda pretty low, I have not reported this but I do make notes, and I am very good with names, last thing people need is to get in trouble with fraud so I would only hope others take this as a serious matter to learn from.

Again not saying that it is, just pointing things out for others to also look out for..

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Aravi1417 days ago

Hi @zrodfects

Bro!!! I have no intention to share any points or bugs here . I know @hamza_faouri93 only 2 hours ago.

If you think it is cheat why don't use just call write away the admin key?

If any one reply your question with in 5 mins then, why cant you select the best answer as a token of quick response ?

May I know why you think Saint Angle is not a good answer? I haven't saw this film before.

Why don't you check with Euask support desk? I am also a old member like you do?

Do you really think that monthly 10 to 20 $ can fill the pocket? Further I am not school kid who answer to get money for the games. I am working and I am web developer. Even Euask decided to change money to point and no cash reward, will not make big difference. I think that I will make member more convenient. May be by reducing the abuse of doing cheat.


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zrodfects1417 days ago


As per my previous post, I did note that I wasn't saying there was a cheat involved, merely stating a reason people could assume of one, I also did not say it was a bad answer, since never heard of the movie before I can not say anything about it anyways, you just have to see it from my point of view, if there was a computer error and the first and only answer was spot on to how to fix it then yeah makes sense.

Again not saying that it was, but just seemed a bit fishy that was all, asking of a great English movie since there are a kazillion english movies, and the first one that popped up only minutes after was chosen without seeing what others may have thrown in also, question was already closed due to chosen answer, though I only visited out of curiosity to see what answers people gave which I then noticed just the one.

Also it wasn't the fact about $10 or so a month or even 20c for that matter, whether we are talking about $100 or 1c, scamming the system is scamming the system no matter the gain or how you look at it. But I have seen scammers on here, some you won't see again because they have been caught out, which is a good thing, there are people out there that are that are low and just to scam to get $2 or 5 points.

I work from home also so at some point of each day I answer questions here, though no intentions of profit gain as for me it would only be a bonus, otherwise I would always give detailed answers hoping to tip the points in my direction, but most of the time I just post a link that may be of help, but will post a detailed response if I feel there is a need to do so, which is the main reason I am here, just to help.

So to sum up I wasn't blaming you of cheating, just was saying if I can see something that may look fishy, others may feel the same, and if this was the case then these people who are doing such things will know that someone like myself at some point is watching and would hopefully help in some way for people not to do such a thing.

Take care..

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vanny1392 days ago


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Aravi1392 days ago

Hi @vanny

Thanks. I will try shallow. But sorry this question is blocked, I can't select best answer.

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Abhinav007891387 days ago

I think you should watch "YOUR NAME" anime it's awesome and the story is just great .


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