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Who do you think will be the next USA president ? Reward $2
Created by Aravi, 454 days ago, 1125 views

Who do you think will be the next USA president ?
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ckoch454 days ago

Unless something changes dramatically people will end up voting for trump because it is better then having what the other side is proposing. That's what I think will happen. its impossible to know how it will end up.

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edsays454 days ago

Heaven forbid.

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saturno454 days ago

I think the lady win...

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igor453 days ago

Donald J. Trump!

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pustoi11453 days ago

for me to be a big surprise if Trump will win. I am sure that in America there is no real democracy. Nevertheless, I believe that the world at large, Trump the most successful choice. Clinton continues to destroy the world. therefore, choose Hillary. If Trump wins, I believe in the existence of democracy. but, unfortunately, solves a small group of very rich people. Even if Clinton would not appoint any other clown, but not Trump. America overeat, so blood from the brain only works on the digestive system.

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omarwa79453 days ago

Donald J. Trump b

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Aravi453 days ago

Hi @pustoi11

If Clinton or Trump. Bombs are confirmed for Middle east. And CIA is confirmed for Russia and other Nations which are friends of Russia. I think noting going to make difference for you friend.

But I strongly doubt, Trump will win, looking in to the Americans hatred by hearing the name of Clinton. But sometime himself rules the campaign. Many times I get confused why he do it.

Very interesting part is that I never saw such a election campaign like this before. Eagerly waiting to see the election result.


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XNZ453 days ago

LOL BTW What type of thing reward me after next elections? think or thing?

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Aravi453 days ago


What happen bro ? Are you not interested in seeing election results of one of the powerful country in the world.


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XNZ453 days ago

you mistakenly typed thing ..... who do you thing ?

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dreamchaser453 days ago

i think people want more the lady hillary because she gave somethings that trump didnt and i hope she wins

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Aravi453 days ago


got it bro! Thanks

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XNZ452 days ago

It's okay!

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Alirio452 days ago

Donald J. Trump, he may suffer similar problems faced by John F. Kennedy

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Lifeforce452 days ago

Everyone I know is supporting and voting for Trump. Even dedicated Democrats are voting for him. People just don't like the Clintons. Who can blame them... Bill Clinton is a monster to women and Hillary doesn't care whatsoever for our soldiers and veterans.

Polls are showing that Trump is leading... I honestly expect that he is leading even more than the polls show due to the silent majority of Republican Voters. I think even if Trump gets the popular vote it won't matter in the end. Donald Trump is not a member of the current establishment and the Election is rigged against him.

However miracles happen. We will just have to wait and see if he somehow wins and becomes our next president.

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charlielan452 days ago

Tupac Shakur, or Gary Johnson.

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Aravi452 days ago

Hi @hamza_faouri93

Sorry to say!!! If I do that, "everyone else will shout taking my name". The problem is I can't select one before the election result comes.

Please try to answer quick and correctly so that I can select your answer.

With friendship


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Walphai452 days ago

Hillary Clinton is probably going to win.

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ghon452 days ago

Хиллари Клинтон

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vickyph84452 days ago

Hillary Clinton would win cause its not looking good for trump

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nihal29451 days ago

hi @Aravi Hillary Clinton in my view , trump could be tough but this time no 1st lady as 'she' is going to be the US President .

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mujunibrian451 days ago


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Ivan16451 days ago


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