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Created by Hambone531, 1630 days ago, 2938 views

Honestly, Why Do So Many People Hate Hillary Clinton?
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nuklin1630 days ago

She's generally perceived as insincere considering all the security breach, financial support scam and her dexterity in the face of all these.

She just seems to be insensitive to her critics, not showing remorse for her lapses so for people, she's going to keep covering her dirty tracks even
in the oval office. There's also a level of desperation in her attitude which a lot of people will not find comfortable.

But, this is just your opinion and mine, I still know a lot of people who love her so much, in fact for them, she's just the best thing that can
happen to America.

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Pravy1630 days ago

I don't know.. Isn't it their personal opinion constructed on what media reports them?

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edsays1630 days ago

I think it's mainly Republicans who hate her; because she stands for the little guy.

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Laurabean1630 days ago

I don't think people "hate" Hillary.. I just think they don't trust Hillary given all the email and security issues of late. Also, I don't believe she stands for the little guy. She really doesn't have any concept of what it's like to be an every day person. Most politicians don't. It's not to knock her, it's just the way it is. They don't pay taxes, they don't follow our rules. I don't believe they have a clue across the board.

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Dr_RWM1630 days ago

"Hate" is maybe too strong a word, but I dislike her immensely. Why? She is a constant liar; she cheats people (such as Bernie Sanders); and she steals, big time (look at her "charity"). Plus, she's pro-abortion. That's PRO killing unborn infants. She is NOT a decent human being and would be a disaster as president of ANY organization, let alone our entire nation.

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Drmgiver1630 days ago

@edsays You have some drool on your chin.

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zrodfects1630 days ago

More so now since she is medically unstable, coughing like crazy fainting in the middle of the street etc, although I hate Trump he kinda has her where he needs her, because at the moment doesn't look as though she can think straight, so he is kinda got a huge advantage at the moment, me personally I didn't have a single problem with Obama, I say leave him in, he is obviously not super old and seems healthy enough, had never seen him struggle or even scream to millions of people to get votes. Hilliary and Trump are both useless in my opinion, Trump is a business man with the help of his associates otherwise he is nothing, because he works along side his associates he has set goals and personal rules and policies who now has to run with new associates within the whitehouse, so I say good luck with that, shit will hit the fan, what well happen with split decision outcomes, is he just gonna throw money at everyone, that will fix it..

Hillary is all talk, she be better off managing a retirement village, Trump can go manages buildings he barely visits....

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UnlimitedJoy1630 days ago

Fear and Distrust.

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pustoi111630 days ago

Only one word describes this woman, meanness! she was ready to do anything for the sake of power. Trump is also not a gift, but it is better to Clinton.

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Ron1630 days ago

People are tired of the same old Clinton rhetoric and the Obama abuse of power. She truey believes she is above the law and just because she is ignorant of something that she is innocent. If I run a stop sign and police pull me over and I plead ignorance and say I didn't see stop sign, I get a ticket. She thinks that is just cause for a free ride. She also has no respect for the constitution. There are many other reasons but it would take a book to cover them all, may be one someday.

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Aravi1629 days ago

Hi @Hambone531

Because Hillary Clinton is the wife of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001.

He initiated by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice, on December 19, 1998. The charges stemmed from his extramarital affair with former White House Intern Monica Lewinsky and his testimony about the affair during a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him by Paula Jones.

His impeachment was the most painful experience for USA citizens.

Hence, People Hate Hillary Clinton, because she makes people remember Bill Clinton.


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carmenlakes1629 days ago

I think that the fact about the emails has ppl a little weary

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ckoch1629 days ago

she lies, hides her dealings, is sick, unethical, has done criminal actions which are OBVIOUS, and basically believes in somethings she refuses to admit. How can anybody that was raised by moral parents even think of voting for her. I don't think anybody hates her or trump. Let the facts speak for themselves tho.

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awinner1191629 days ago

the media pay so much attention to emails that it is stupid because that all they can find nothing else to used against her and she is definitely more qualified for the job than Trump and those who criticized her are idiots to trust in what Trump says you really think he is going to get something done i believe hr will make it worst for all of us.

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Walphai1627 days ago

I Believe that Hillary Clinton can make a great President, especially since she's going to be the first women to rule a country as big as the U.S.
And i think that the reason people mistakenly hate her, is because she is not actively trying to show her human side, and thus people wronlgy believe that she's a bureaucratic monster that has no feelings , and knows nothing but Stict rules that should apply Everyday.

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sweetlysue1626 days ago

Because I think she is untrustworthy and dishonest.

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onememphisdude1626 days ago

Hillary is a Socialist and represents socialist ideas that have failed..everywhere they have been tried. Think recently of Greece. Think of Venezuela. What are we, under President Hillary, but a larger banana republic?

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maren1625 days ago

She is so proud with bombing Serbia 1999 when her husband was president. She says that she is responsible for this bombing, that she
convinced husband to bombing Serbia without permissions UN. It was criminal act. Maybe we need like Hilary for this?

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moreira20mo1625 days ago

acho que é por causa do marido bil

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alienflyer1625 days ago

Three things . .Cash/Money/$ . . . She is a wall street puppet and we are tired of the republidems one party system called corporations. Bernie was our best bet.

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Lifeforce1624 days ago

I do not hate her. I however do highly dislike her. She pretends to be all for Women's Rights yet she has countless times threatened Women who would speak out about Bill Clinton's Sexual Assaults. She tries to act like the little guy and that it is so hard for her to break Glass Ceilings. When in reality is seems she has been given this Election on a silver plate. They rigged it for her against Bernie and she automatically has the vast majority of the Women's vote.

Her and Bill Clinton ravaged Haiti after the earthquake and stole nearly all the Charity money that they raised over there. She is careless with her Emails and has been caught in numerous scandals.

She called Colored people Super Predators on live TV showing that she really does not care for them. She also flip flops her ideals to whatever is popular at the time. She said in 2002 that she believed Marriage was sacred between a man and a woman. Then in 2008 she says she believes that anyone who loves anyone should be allowed to Marry.

I could go on and on about the Horrible things she has done. However I will not, Donald Trump has his flaws as well but he has not had anywhere near the same amount of Scandals as she has.

I think that if anyone plans on voting for Hillary they need to do some serious research on her first. Then decide if you really want to vote for her.

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lrsoto21624 days ago

Because we can @Hambone531

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zukgod1624 days ago

A better question would be why would anyone with a thought of their own like her? She is a horrible person, just for starters look up the Clinton death list, a couple people could be a coincidence, but dozens upon dozens shows a pattern. I honestly don't know how she has gotten away with everything she has, I guess when you have power and money you can get away with anything. I am not saying she killed anyone with her own hands, but she certainly made the call to have it done. The most recent was the guy that leaked the info on the DNC rigging the election for her, and to stop Sanders. I am not a Bernie fan either, but he would have been better than her even though they are both socialists. There has never been a socialist country that has not failed, do we really want to be the next one? I sure don't, America is one of the greatest countries in the world, and to me it is the greatest, but that's because I am an American and love my country.
Not liking her has nothing to do with her gender for me, I don't care who our President is as long as they can do the job honestly, and with integrity something that I know Hillary cannot do, simply look at her track record. I knew people that got killed in Benghazi, she basically spit in the families faces through that whole mess. She could have sent people into save them, but chose not to so their deaths are on her hands. Having a Woman president would be a good thing for our nation, but it has to be the right Woman, not just a Woman. If you vote for someone for no other reason except for their race or gender that makes you a bigot, if I said the only reason I was going to vote for Trump was because he is a white Man I would rightfully be called a racist bigot, why is it any different if you vote for Hillary simply because she is a Woman? And what about Obama? How many people voted for him for no other reason except his race, millions of people admit they voted for him because he is a black man, they are all bigots by definition.
Hillary if elected will put the final nail in our nations coffin, we are in a bad place financially and ethically. If she were to win, I don't think we could pull back out of the hole that Obama, and Bush put us in. We have to tighten down our belt, and bring jobs back to this country. There is a quote by Benjamin Franklin that say's "“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.” That's exactly what we are seeing, people need to work for what they have, and not just get a hand out, but rather should be given a hand UP. We can leave our children a great country again, but it's going to take a lot of work on our part. Please do you own research before voting this election, this might be one of the most important elections of our nations history. All that said, I am not a fan of Trump either, but he is our best bet out of the two turds we have been given to vote for. Maybe at some point we will have a 3 party system, but we are not there yet so if you vote that way you're just giving Hillary the white house to pilfer the china once again. It's a fact that the Clinton's stole things from the White house when they left. Many books have been written on the corruption of the Clinton's, and dozens more could be written, and still not have all the truth out there about the horrible things they have done. Take care, and God Bless the US.

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pgareis721620 days ago

Hillary is a LIAR. She has a very POOR track record as Madame Secretary. She defended her slime ball husband. She has sold Favors for Money. She will continue the Terrible policies of Barack H. Obama. She has been protected by the CORRUPT Obama Justice Department (see Eric Holder and contempt of Congress, etc.). She does not understand or remember what Top Secret and Confidential mean (unless she has a header). OMG don't get me started. She would be a disaster as President.

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yogisugandi251620 days ago

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crossedeye20031620 days ago

I don't hate her but I am very concerned about her health and I know nothing of her running mate so I am afraid that we would get hooked up with someone we don't know

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maren1620 days ago

It's much better to say that Hillary hate too much people.

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Flashwind1615 days ago

You can endlessly debate on this subject, but I'll try to answer as briefly as possible.

I sympathize with those who hate.
Hatred is the anger of the weak.
Hatred overshadows the mind.

"Victory breeds hatred; the defeated live in pain. Happiness lives a quiet, renounced victory and defeat."-

Hillary is dangerous.
Companion Hillary, WAR and DESTRUCTION.
This is dangerous not only for US but for the entire world.
She needs to change the name from Hillary to KILLARY

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voineaadi1615 days ago

Because no matter what you do and how good you are, people are still going to hate you. No one in the history of Humankind was ever 100% popular. I am from Romania and I do hope that Hillary will win, because Trump is a nutcase, simple as that. But as sure as I think Trump is a nutcase, there are millions of others who think he is, and there are millions of others who think he is great. Again, it's a matter of perception, a matter of opinion and of course - a matter of education. No matter what you do, you can never just please everyone.

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TonyW501614 days ago

I don't hate her, I just have no respect for her. Secret Service agents who used to protect Bill Clinton have come out and said she was a cruel, immature, spiteful person. She would throw stuff at them, and then run to Bill asking him to fire all the agents. She is just another "chosen" President, chosen by powerful people to keep the same agenda going. She absolutely knew that, as Secretary of State, she was only supposed to use one server. Even if 98% of the tens of thousands of deleted emails were just typical everyday how are you emails, that leaves 2% of them that never should have been on a server that isn't government owned and maintained. The fact that all but 1 person who worked for her have pleaded the 5th when questioned about the emails shows something much bigger was going on. You plead the 5th when you know you are guilty of conspiring. Her lies are catching up to her. Karma is real and is the great equalizer in life. What really shows just how far America has fallen is the fact that a total outsider, Trump, could go up against several seasoned politicians and destroy them in the polls. Americans are tired of the corruption that goes on unpunished, and Hillary is the new poster woman epitomizing what's wrong in D.C. We need 8 year term limits at all levels of government, including the Supreme Court.

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dxsy16781614 days ago



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Officestaff1614 days ago

nonsense. That is the last thing she does

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Officestaff1614 days ago

Dont trust her. She is dishonest. She would start a war to pay back her sponsors. She would bring in Sharia law

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Officestaff1614 days ago

Trump raises questions that have long needed to be asked and answered

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chaika1614 days ago

After she said - we came , we see , he dead ( after murder Kaddafi)

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musclemachines71613 days ago


Killary has a History of unethical crimes against humanity. People can choose to hate her or hate the choices she has made, that represent America. The world has seen the abuse of power by not being transparent and bold face lying to America. She has these diseases because of the choices she has made. Killary is not the honorable person that I can trust! The thing I hate about politics and politicians is that they think they are above the Law, most of them are attorneys and know how to tweak the law to benefit them. They get in office make deals with other politicians who make deals with company's who do not have our or the planet's best interest or our families. These politicians allow company's to break the law by allowing things to be put in our foods that kill us and our kids, all for the sake of money for them! Power is their God, at your expense. Any person who enjoys cancer or terminal illness and watching your child or parent suffer from pain and disease, then cast your vote for Killary! These people bring on a platform that divides people and creates division and hate, causing the public to focus on the issues taking the focus off of them.
Issue: Time for a woman president----- who cares if its a man or a woman...
Issue: Homosexuality------who cares if you choose that lifestyle your choice... if im attacked I deserve protection also, sometimes we also get passed over in jobs, no matter if we are Chinese, chink,,,,white, cracker,,,Italian, spic,,,,and so on...
Look past the focus that politicians are pointing your eyes at, and look at them and the trail of disasters they have left..
Personally I can't imagine any one wanting to be president, look at them four years later all the grey hair from stress from this job, you think that Killary can hold up????

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ldmff1612 days ago

She's a liar, an enabler, she has terrorized and harrassed the womem Slick Willy's been caught with, she says she's for women's right yet she takes money from the A-rabs that treat women like third class citizens, she did nothing as a NY Senator and as Secretary of State sold special access to government branches through that phony Clinton Foundation and the rest of time as SOS was nothing but a big paid vacation on the taxpayer's dime. There are 50, count em 50 mysterious deaths that surround "Pinocchio and Slick Willy from the time Slick was AG and governor of Arkansas to the White House, all were determined suicides,........suicides?..........REALLY !!! Coooommmmeee Ooooonnnnn now, do you buy it???
They don't call her "Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire", "Granny Pinocchio" and"The loud mouth dame in a Kim Jong Un suit" for nothing, yet she claims Trump doesn't have the temperment to lead this great country.
Vote for the Trumpmeister, to maintain a conservative foothold in the Supreme Court to guard our precious Constitution, annihilate ISIS, close the borders, get aid for the Vets, lower taxes and regulations and kick the EPA in the family jewels (as if they had a pair) and put an end to "The Good Ol' Boys Club of D.C." and stop pandering to buy votes and influence.
Now screw the tax returns, if Trump hasn't paid taxes in years it's because he hired the finest and most shrewd accountants that take advantage of all the loopholes in our worthless tax system, there are sooooo many holes in it, it looks like a slice of Swiss cheese !!!....Now any questions?
Now vote for the Trumpster after all "WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?!!!!" Time's runnin' out, were at the precipice of disaster !!! ...Shalom!

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27harley1606 days ago

C'mon...must you ask? She is rotten to the core. There is nothing about her that is genuine and truthful,...absolutely nothing.

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basitbaig1606 days ago

i dont hate her

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jazcat1606 days ago

She was responsible for the deaths of four American's, including the U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, in Benghazi. She lied saying the attacks were because of a video American's had made, knowing this was totally false, yet had the gall to state "What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?" when asked later about the cause of the attacks.

We hate her because we cannot trust her.

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crossedeye20031605 days ago

I don't hate Hillary. I don't trust Hillary. People have a tendancy to die if they dare cross her or the mister. Hillary lies. Hillary does NOT support the little people. Hillary only supports Hillary.

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Meow1593 days ago

I hate her because i hate info garbage! When people getting pushed by the force of money to the top of media clown fiesta it involves a loads of info garbage. And low tier manipulations that works because it took some effort to spot them. Those manipulations is a disgrace in front of real manipulation art. Eyes bleeding and my heart shatters. It involves most of president baron suleiman expert opinion stuff, not just Hillary tho.

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