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Created by capybara, 826 days ago, 1076 views

Can God make a boulder so big that even He can't lift it?
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capybara826 days ago

You tell me.

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Dmongorian826 days ago


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contactjohng826 days ago

Ofcourse He can. To say that He can not is to limit His authority and if His authority is limited.. He is no longer God.

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Razsaheel825 days ago

This is the supreme question of Mankind. Even you are asking the same in this question. Whether GOD exist or not ? To say simply, If we Do not know about something; this does not mean that the thing does not exist at all. I am not saying that He Exists or not. Because this is a very personal Quest.Those who found were left dumbstruck viz. Christ, Budhha and many others. They found it impossible to share their experiences despite the best of efforts. Only best they could give directions to the path of GOD. Therefore this question does not require an answer, instead it demands ultimate quest. For now, why he did not made the boulder. Because if he exists, he should be reasonable enough to know as what to make and what not. Hope I did not offend your curiosity. Sorry. But This question is like a long single pole. Where believer are at one end and atheist are at the other; both are mislead. My personal view is that if GOD does not Exist. Why there is any need to deny the fact ? Rest, it is a matter of ultimate personal quest, refinement and perpetual betterment of intellect, which after a time becomes spiritual upliftment, until we reach the final goal. Thanx for asking such a wonderful question.

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Aravi825 days ago

Hi @capybara

Many have asked if God, being all-powerful, could create a boulder so heavy He could not lift it. If the answer is yes, then He is not all-powerful because the boulder would be stronger than God. If the answer is no, He is not all-powerful because there is something God could not do.

I think it is a good question, I will surely ask him, on behalf of you, when I meet him.


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Yuri825 days ago

We know from the Bible that God created and gave the movement of all that exists. On this we can say that He lifted all that exists, ie, the entire universe.

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pustoi11824 days ago

how old are you? for no god of gravity. the law of attraction does not apply to God. so the question is nonsense.

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RoyAtlas824 days ago

No, no one can and there is no god !

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jeetkml823 days ago

All religious saints says," Yes, He can do But also conditions, no one can force him to do this. " So, if your faiths says , GOD exist then It is true Philosophy but If you don't believe in GOD then He can't do.
My own opinion on GOD, If there is a maker/creator of Artificial Things, then Someone exist who create Nature and Universe. And creator can anything with things. For Example In Animation Cartoon, Characters plays according to source code written behind coder, And coder provide him condition of ground, water , fire and more. If coder wants to make his characters undead, then He has no effect of fire, water ,or ground , gravity on it...
And another example, Sometimes, man saved in tragic accidents.

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XNZ823 days ago

It's very good question but has very bad answer, We (people) still don't know GOD exist is true faith or not, then How we remark it faith and philosophy.

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paradu816 days ago

It depend on what you believe in, a believer would say yes God can do anything, I doubt anyone knows the answer to your question.

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Meow788 days ago

Easy! God can took any form he wants. If he can lift all boulders - he create you. You can't lift even a small boulder!
Goal achieved in its absolute way.

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