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What is something you'd recommend everyone try at least once? Reward $2
Created by edge, 826 days ago, 1846 views

What is something you'd recommend everyone try at least once?
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Aravi826 days ago

Hi @edge

Try to love someone at least once.

Try to visit at least once graveyard. Where your your forefather was barred.

Try to read at least a biography of your national leader.

Try to visit a national park and wild life sanctuary with someone who know the place very well.

Kindly beloved me I am not joking. These thing will change your life for ever.


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vickyph84826 days ago

Marriage , kids. owning some type of pet.

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jeetkml826 days ago

always love and respect their parents. If all world is against your parents, family or friends then at least you are the one who stand for them.

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capybara825 days ago

A. Going on an organized Retreat sponsored by the Religion/ Faith that you profess.
B. Take a ride in an open cockpit Bi-plane!

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4u2tryme824 days ago

Hi, maybe you could try this one.

Forgive and forget the unforgivable person who did unforgettable bad things to you. Whom you think was not worthy of your forgiveness. Whom you admit to never ever in your life wanted to meet, to know, to think ever again. No vengeance.

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pustoi11824 days ago

I advise everyone, at least once to visit the cryo-chamber.

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dragondisastor824 days ago


Different countries different name but effect is same ;)
good chance to meet your real self and to have better focus in life

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pubbys823 days ago

Study the ancient manuscripts! Especially in the US, the bible. Done topically, the advice is timeless. I recommend the JW's. Do as I did, and tell them that if they EVER lie to you, they are out the door! Worked for me.

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alienflyer822 days ago


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rudeboyalex821 days ago

Go hiking for at least 2 days without a phone or any gadgets. :)

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Walphai821 days ago

Travelling to another country. Seeing other cultures that are radically different than yours , can really open up your eyes and greatly impact your life in a positive way.

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An159820 days ago

Ask yourself "Who am i ?".

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onememphisdude820 days ago

Try starting your own business. It doesn't matter if you sell pencils or ice creme from a truck. Just try. You'll soon understand a lost American art-Personal Selling, and risk taking. Ever wonder WHY people from around the world..wish to come to America, just for a chance at being their own boss! Work 100 hours a week! Try to find a market niche and build your dream. or... you can continue to fry cook and wait for 15 bux an hour. Do YOU have the courage to pursue the American dream? ( be. to do. to own.)

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khaledmus820 days ago

think and think and think around you ,who you are and where you are and why you here in this world,i think if i were you the first thing is to be concerning about religion is it right or wrong,i recommend you to take a look at Islam religion so may Allah guide you to the right path.


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vitaliy79818 days ago

To love man for what he really is, not as how we imagine it came up with

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my_asylum776 days ago


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