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What home-workout equipment would you recommend? Reward $2
Created by finefin, 1676 days ago, 2958 views

Recommendations for fitness equipments that don’t cost much, don’t take up much space.
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flash1673 days ago

50% of your workout equipment you already own. The first piece is the floor, the second piece are two sturdy chairs. The remaining 50% you buy at Home Depot. You need to purchase a six foot long section of black gas pipe, some rope, two cinder blocks, and after a few weeks, a 50lb bag of sand. With your floor, you do leg lifts, pushups, stomach crunches, and planking. With your two chairs, you do more advanced pushups, dips, and standing up and sitting down in repetition. With the black pipe and the cinder blocks, you make a weight bar, but first you start out just by lifting the one cinder block, carrying it around and setting it down. As you get stronger, carry one cinder block in each hand. Finally, lash a cinder block to each end of the black pipe and practice lifting the pipe. If you're worried about tearing up your skin on the cinder blocks, wear some gloves. When you can lift both cinder blocks, start carrying the bag of sand at least 50 feet (lift with your legs!) Unless you want to be Arnold, by the time you can lift and carry two cinder blocks and stand up and sit down 50 times and do 25 pushups and do 25 dips and do 100 stomach crunches, you'll be in the best shape of your life. And all for less than $20. That and Home Depot will let you return the cinder blocks if they're not damaged and you kept your receipt.@finefin

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azzzaza1676 days ago

you can choose from:

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tomgeleen1675 days ago

Depends on what you'll need

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Aravi1675 days ago

Hi @finefin

It is bull worker. It works very well and you don't need to workout for longer time to keep your fitness.


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Hydotyt1675 days ago

Велотренажер самый подходящий вариант для дома.

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Pravy1675 days ago


You need Resistance Bands.

The reason because these bands can be used for Soooooo Mannnnny workouts that it's totally insane. Such As:-

And Youtube for more workouts.. :D

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pustoi111674 days ago

Most advertising on the Internet, a deceit. to lose weight and keep the body enough skipping ropes. if you want to build muscle, you need dumbbells with removable pancakes. removable pancakes on dumbbells need to give different types of load on different muscle groups. sets of exercises with dumbbells in the Internet a lot. muscles grow best when engaged in the real, heavy weight. is all that is necessary to maintain good physical shape. training with elastic bands have their effect, but worse.

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4u2tryme1674 days ago

Hi, towel and yoga mats if you wanted yoga exercises plus CDs or DVDs of different yoga exercises. Enjoy yoga at home :)

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hsr30121671 days ago

I personally use ordinary house hold stuff for different types of workouts :-
- Full water bottles as dumbles.
- Container full of rice. Insert your wrist in the rice in a container and try to rotate it.
- Push ups require no special equipments .
- Crunches too don't require any of the equipments.
- Buckets filled with water and with long handles are good for heavy arm exercise.
- School bag full of books can also be use in the place of water buckets.

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alienflyer1669 days ago

Jump rope and a hoola hoop.

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