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Would Donald Trump be a good President? Reward $2
Created by oxygen, 1503 days ago, 3042 views

Would Donald Trump be a good President?

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voineaadi1502 days ago

I think the following video made by the world renown Sam Vaknin would perfectly answer your question:

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Aravi1502 days ago

Hi @oxygen

As per the USA journal I read about both candidates, this time USA don't have any good choose to select. As fare as I read Mr.Trump is nearly an extremist. Mrs.Clinton is another straight opposite bitter gourd, this is because of previous bitter experience with Mr.Clinton .

But Mr.Trump is more criticized candidate. More then half of the news agencies marked him more Negative then his opponent Mrs.Clinton.

So only the time, god and USA people can answer your question.


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omarwa791502 days ago

If Trump be President that is the big mistak.

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MrDeng1502 days ago

NO.I hate him.

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123_4341502 days ago


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zrodfects1502 days ago

Mister needs to get a hair cut can't even run his own life without the use of his associates, he is a business man, he won't have a clue on how to run a country, let alone a street. He will make a joke out of all Presidents before him and most likely after.. He might do better as a state governor or something but anything more pfft, I could do a better job.

I'm Australian so I don't have to worry about that moron lol....

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etienne1502 days ago

I think that Trump would be a president as good as Hitler !...

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Hydotyt1502 days ago

Нет, не будет. Он бизнесмен, а не политик.

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threeball1501 days ago

Only history will find if he is good,mediocre or bad as POTUS,no one on this blog has proven to me, to be clairvoyant thus far.I know Hillary {I campaigned for Bill every time he ran, loved the guy} and I don't trust her 1 iota,nor do I believe anything she says.Hill loves only herself,Chelsea and perhaps grandchild.The simple TRUTH is,unless YOU believe a person answering this ? has an inside track with God,and KNOWS what the future stores,weigh the consequences of your decision,with what you know as factual.

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vickyph841501 days ago

hell no lol

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tom19611501 days ago

Best choice we have. But time will tell

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maren1501 days ago

All presidents of US from 1945 to now are war criminals. History will be repeated. Citizens of US don't have choice, booth candidates are enough bad, what ewer citizens choose, one politics will be practiced. Paroles is one, reality is different. In reality, US have two wings, left and right who are absolutely equivalent with their politics and programs. Its no matter who win, winner will realize this politics who dictate their masters, World Government.

In all period after WW 2 president of US are war criminals. Every president have their own war somewhere in world.
Do you know list of countries where US make war crimes? List is too long.

Korea and China 1950-53 (Korean War)
Guatemala 1954
Indonesia 1958
Cuba 1959-1961
Guatemala 1960
Congo 1964
Laos 1964-73
Vietnam 1961-73
Cambodia 1969-70
Guatemala 1967-69
Grenada 1983
Lebanon 1983, 1984 (both Lebanese and Syrian targets)
Libya 1986
El Salvador 1980s
Nicaragua 1980s
Iran 1987
Panama 1989
Iraq 1991 (Persian Gulf War)
Kuwait 1991
Somalia 1993
Bosnia 1994, 1995
Sudan 1998
Afghanistan 1998
Yugoslavia 1999
Yemen 2002
Iraq 1991-2003 (US/UK on regular basis)
Iraq 2003-2015
Afghanistan 2001-2015
Pakistan 2007-2015
Somalia 2007-8, 2011
Yemen 2009, 2011
Libya 2011, 2015
Syria 2014-2015

I recommend to you to read

and connected sites.

Best wishes!!!

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oxygen1500 days ago

America is a powerful country. I think any other country will be influenced by it.

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zrodfects1500 days ago


I wouldn't go that far, the only thing I am grateful for is that us Australians are American's Allies and obviously vise versa, this too with U.K. no single country is the most powerful, combined yes as a trio we rule the world, Australia has slightly less army than the U.S. due to country size, but our Australian forces are the most highly trained in the world, we have been through most world wars with the U.S. more than any other ally on the planet. Australians have certain special forces that the U.S. needs in order to help complete a task, and again vise versa. The only thing Australia lacks is airforce, our equipment is around 10 years behind the U.S. this would be mainly due to not needing anything highly advanced, but our battleships are one of the best so like anything if it ain't broke don't fix it, we have battleships circling Australia 24/7, no gap is ever open, so we like the U.S. are always ready for what ever comes our way, and attacking countries know this, as they would attack more frequently, their offences are no different than school kids with sticks and stones which is why they start stuff within side our countries because if someone starts something we would be among the first to know about it and retaliate without question.

War is obviously the most stupidest thing to ever come across our human brains but as a trio the rest of the world knows we will and can kick ass.

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gtoman1500 days ago

I think he would be the best considering the choices we have.

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willie1500 days ago

Donald "Duck" forever !!!!!

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pustoi111499 days ago

America has come to this insanity. the audacity of , has no boundaries! it is by their impunity, to destroy other countries finally decided to experiment themselves. there is a good saying, "the people has the power that deserves". apparently, Americans deserve these presidents (Obama and Bush in particular). but America's economy is strong, it can withstand any, more or less adequate to the president. president in America is not the most important person. therefore, Trump, exactly, is not worse than previous presidents. and much better than the evil Hillary.

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threeball1499 days ago

I disagree with you on the fact that Australia has the best trained military in the world,that honor belongs to Navy Seals-Mossad-Green Berets and Rangers.I do however agree that the Aussies are 1 of the best fighting forces in the world,my own father a sergeant in WWII,spoke highly of the Aussies, British and Turks.

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zrodfects1499 days ago


You may want to do some research on that, you might be surprised to know that our Australian forces have trained a lot of the U.S. armed forces for many years, we have even bailed out the U.S. on some occasions because of our training, U.S. without a doubt has the numbers and always will but that is a no brainer due to country size. Year in and year out we have the United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force here being trained by our troops

If your from the U.S obviously there is a chance you may not know of the U.S. forces always getting trained here, but over time we see it on the news because it is happening well here, it is no secret though but does happen many many times.

Don't get me wrong I am not bagging the U.S. and never will me personally I say we are equal 100% without a doubt, U.S. has a certain division that is better and vise versa, at the end of the day I am grateful for U.S. and Aussies to be always there for each other without hesitation..

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threeball1499 days ago

Sorry,misunderstood your meaning,thought you were meaning ELITE forces,when you said "Australian forces" in lieu of armies.I cannot disagree with you on your Army,it was, per my deceased Dad "a sight to behold, and Damn were we glad to see them"

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mihorvitz1499 days ago

Under NO circumstances. The man is a disgrace

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ckoch1499 days ago

at least he hasn't fainted or become stiff, or bobble around like someone with a disease. I cannot vote for Hillary in that condition. So who's left?

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Andrey19631499 days ago

Для меня это лучший кандидат в президенты. Главное хорошо относится к России.

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Romych1499 days ago

этот может.

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linevme581498 days ago

из двух зол-лучшее

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CJW19511498 days ago

Everyone PLEASE! The Candidate bashing should be over I as a Registered Democratic Voter Will NOT be voting the ticket this time because the party stands firmly behind the private e-mail situation that Madam Secretary got herself into by using a private system to avoid detection of her affairs. Just on that alone she has bypassed Federal Security, (which has never been broken) for a fly by night system which I could probably break and I am not a hacker. I also do not believe that the Democratic candidate will do anything that has not been done before.
Everyone blames Obama for the economic situation...Look at the Bush years. Can anyone tell me that inflation has dropped in ANY of the past Republicans tenure? Yes I agree that the Republican party is for big business, why not? Unfortunately in the past we had a president that wanted to bolster his own profits as George Bush became wealthy in oil and look at oil p4rices. At least Trump has no claim in oil.
All rhetoric aside... I feel that Trump's extremism is just another show for the public. At least he has not tried to do anything that is illegal while in the campaign. A wealthy business man may be the seal that catches the fish.
All I am going to say is I am going to vote for the lesser of 2 evils, because I cant see a way for this country to get ahead, and Trump does have a vision of better days, unlike Clinton which promises more of the same.

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Lifeforce1498 days ago

Donald Trump is painted very badly by the Media. However If you get down to the core of what he is wanting to do he makes sense. He realizes that we have a immigration problem and wants to fix that. He realizes we are in horrible debt and wants to find a way to get us out of it.

He sees that our relationships with foreign countries have gotten bad and as a buisnessman he thinks he can strike a deal and compromise with them.

Will he be a good president? I think so but only time will tell.

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ldmff1498 days ago

@oxygen Will Trump make a good president? Oh ya, I mean Oh HELL YA !!! He's way better than "Liar, liar empty pantsuit on fire". Just concentrate on the conservative foothold that Trump will support, just look at his nominees, most every one is quite impressed with his choices. I trust he'll close borders and vet ALL immigrants that will try and enter the U.S., obliterate ISIS, get proper care for the Vets, lower taxes and regulations, kick the EPA in the @$$. Now what has the "Over the HilLiar" proposed what she's gonna do???? Nothing, ....just like she's done all her life except harass and terrorize the broads she caught Slick Willy with !!!! Now who the hell ya gonna vote for??? Vote the Trumpmeister, after all "WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?" .....with Hollary, damn near everything !!!

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charlesakinney1498 days ago

Seems strange that a lot of the answers include other peoples opinions. This is my answer. Yes he would make a good President. Why you ask? Because he shows one thing that most Americans want. Determination and true grit. He projects the need for this country to get back to its core belief system whereby enhancing us globally in all aspects of being a country united, not divided. His business ventures, what made him great is contagious, if only the people would realize they have it inside themselves to be good. He is looking for positive results no matter what task is at hand. He wants America to succeed. He wants to end the crap that has been going on in this country. He may project himself to some as being aloof or not in touch. Let me ask you this? Is he a billionaire because he apologizes? No he is cold and calculating to get himself the best deal available. Is that not who we running this country? Are we so scared that he will embarrass us? There are a helluva lot more people/politicians that embarrass us every day. He doesn't want to embarrass us, he wants to help us.

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krisco1497 days ago

Trump is the answer for the USA. He has more to lose than any other candidate that had or is running against him. He has shown that speaking your mind shows the real person and I happen to like who and what he is. Mr. Trump has shown what is right and wrong with America and how he intends on making it better.

When Hillary speaks you hear her real thoughts and it simply shows how corrupt (Clinton foundation, mail) misleading, absolute proven liar (airport story of being shot at, mail, fbi interview,) weak, out of touch, elitist=(I'll take care of you but will enrich myself and keep you poor but dependent on me to take care of you).

Her estimation of the American public shows just how little respect she has for us. She tells us that she is for the American public but finds amazing ways to self-enrich herself every time since her corrupt, impeached husband bungles her campaign by speaking the truth about her.

Even Colin Powell (a Barrack supporter and republican) states that she is basically stupid, and screws up everything she attempts.

From the beginning I have been a Trump supporter due to his platform. I read every single platform for every candidate and found that Mr. Trump’s platform made the most sense. Hillary's by far was the most disorganized, confusing and poorly done.

The Tump platform will make America first, through creative tax solutions that will bring back a 3-5% growth rate, rejuvenate our inner cities and bring jobs back to Americans willing to work

His daughter has an excellent plan for childcare, which will provide the ability for lower-income Americans to be able to have a job and children.

Trump will Tackle American companies leaving the USA for other countries taking valuable jobs, but than importing products back in to the USA. Trump will make it more advantageous for manufacturers to stay in the USA and expand employment not shrink employment.

Trump will correct the current situation avoided by the current administration where for the first time in American history more businesses are going out of business instead of into business. This subject has been avoided by the current administration because of the banking rules put into effect back in 2009.

Trump will correct the lowest participation rate of employment since the 70's through the implementation of the platform he has outlined.

Trump will handle the immigration issues that have impacted America through enforced immigration policies. America was born and has grown through hardworking immigrants that were interviewed and evaluated as to the contributions they could make to making America better. For the last 25 years this has been ignored and the USA is showing the result of this ignorance and complicit avoidance of USA law.

Trump will correct the current Health Insurance situation which has destroyed many small businesses ability to buy affordable healthcare. With 35 & 40% increases in my own companies policy cost plus much higher out-of-pocket deductibles, it is forcing the average American into a position of bankruptcy should one or more family members get sick in any given year.

Trump has shown the ability to negotiate, change and shows real leadership with his visit to Mexico and discussions with other country leaders.

Yes Trump is the answer for America, and will stand the best chance to Make America Greater and safer.


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alienflyer1497 days ago

Good for who/whom? For most of us, no. For a very few, of course.

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mihorvitz1497 days ago

Under no circumstances. He talks without thinking, spouts off about whatever is in his mind. He is misogynistic, racist and will probably have me (I have 28 years of military service) and almost every veteran recalled to active duty to try an win a war that he will cause.

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igor1497 days ago

America! America!
God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!
Donald John Trump-America's trump card!

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sweetlysue1497 days ago

Absolutely NOT but then Clinton would be horrible also. I think that no matter who wins, the next 4 years will be hell on earth.

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bigred951496 days ago

no chance whatsoever@oxygen

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ghon1496 days ago

я думаю нет

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Farabi1495 days ago

Начнется война между Россией и Америкой он бизнесмен.

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shedevil431495 days ago

no i dont think so

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alienflyer1495 days ago

Is the Pope Jewish?

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RevG1495 days ago

No way! Donald Trump might be a successful businessman, but he should never be president. He pops off at the mouth far too much to be in a position with this kind of power. Plus, he is almost certainly suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. The thought of a narcissist as America's next president scares the hell out of me. I can only imagine how his impulsiveness in shooting off at the mouth might get America blown off the face of the planet: That is the very last thing I would ever want (and not want) to happen. The second to the last thing is Donald Trump being elected as America's next president. The man is deplorably behaved.

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Yurash1494 days ago

Good presidents aren't.

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skibo1491 days ago

sure he already has money he wants to work not bs around.

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unkabob1490 days ago

If what you believe is true about Trump being criticized more, then it's a double standard.. IF the media indeed dislikes him this can't be proven from all the free media exposure he has received since the first day he declared his participation, on the other hand the only way Hillary Clinton gets any exposure is when she trips on stairs, fails to put enough cover girl on her middle aged face, comes down with pneumonia or farts the wrong way in public otherwise she must pay for her media time.

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unkabob1490 days ago

If what you believe is true about Trump being criticized more, then it's a double standard.. IF the media indeed dislikes him this can't be proven from all the free media exposure he has received since the first day he declared his participation, on the other hand the only way Hillary Clinton gets any exposure is when she trips on stairs, fails to put enough cover girl on her middle aged face, comes down with pneumonia or farts the wrong way in public otherwise she must pay for her media time.

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piyaraymiyan1490 days ago


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aliasadullah1490 days ago

Absolutely not a good person..

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NZKIWI1489 days ago

He may clean up the way the US dose business as your business lawyer are discussing an need a mayor upgrade to get better in line with the rest of the world.

A part from that wrong man for the job sorry US. Now Mrs Clinton is also the wrong person for the job so to my friend in the US yr screwed for the next 4 years.

you get a complete clown or a thief an we are meant to look up to the US i don't think so the way there flushing them selfs down the toilet.
Come on guy's you have more say in who gets in power than a lot of countries an you guys can't even get it right so what hope dose the rest of world...

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TonyW501484 days ago

What most people don't understand is the President, since the days of Eisenhower, have lost much of their true power. Eisenhower said in his farewell speech to be wary of the growing power of the Military Industrial Complex. We all saw what happened when the Kennedy family went after the Mafia and didn't play along. According to a former spy who was interviewed, America has 30 security clearance levels, and then 5 or 6 security levels that had names above the other 30. The President is only 19th, because they are temporary. I laugh when news anchors refer to the President as the most powerful man in the world. Not even close, they are generally just a puppet of the real powers that rule the world. That being said, if Trump can become more politically correct when talking to the press, I believe he can actually get the country back on track. He will surround himself with the brightest hardest working people. To be successful in business you have to be able to negotiate, and he is right, the trade deals have destroyed America. Take a look at Detroit, that is the direction our entire country is headed in if people keep electing the same politicians with the same rhetoric. If Trump wins he will have problems getting bills passed, because the Democrats have the majority on one side, and the Republicans on the other. I have learned quite a lot about how the economy really works and how the Federal Reserve has destroyed us financially, and I believe we are well beyond the point of saving us from the inevitable, the crash of the dollar, stock market, riots as people won't get their Food Assistance Benefits, others will lose Social Security. Every reputable economist says the same thing, it's coming, and when it happens it will be the biggest "bubble" burst in the history of the world. Fake money, like our dollar, also know as Fiat Currency, has been tried thousands of times in the world in history, and it always ends the same way, bankruptcy as a country and hyperinflation. China has been buying so much gold the Swiss had to cut them off, and Russia is stocking up. Our time at the top is almost over because our government became so corrupted and inept, and the sleeping masses just stayed asleep.

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TonyW501484 days ago

How to define a "good President" is difficult, because they don't have as much power as people believe. When the American Public allows our Representatives to lie without any punishment, and chooses along party lines every single time, no matter who the person is, then we will get exactly what we have now, a nation that is broken and broke. Either candidate will end up working with the Republicans controlling one side and the House of Representatives the other, so getting anything truly meaningful will be like pulling teeth with a chainsaw. Trump's real talent is the ability to hire good people and hold them accountable. He will surround himself with seasoned proven people and his rhetoric will calm down. Clinton bashed Trump's "trickle down economy" approach, yet her husband Bill was the beneficiary of a system that was financially balanced, and the 90's ended up being a great decade. Now we are on the brink of financial disaster, unlike the world has ever seen. When the great Depression happened, no one was living off of government assistance. Now 47% of the population is reliant upon it, and our debt is unpayable. So, for the time we are headed into, YES Trump will be a good President, if he can bring the politicians together and pass legislation that will create huge industrial growth. He has created countless jobs, Hillary has created countless controversies. Americans need to prepare, because when this huge bubble of debt finally explodes, and the Chinese and Japanese stop buying our bonds, what happened in the Great Depression will look like nothing. Every notable economist admits our time at the top is over, and people are going to have to get used to living with a lot less and on trying to help each other. It will be the Fall of Rome all over again, but much faster and involving 300 million people.

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Buritto1484 days ago

Возможно будет мне по барабану

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Ivan2111481 days ago

No i thinking not

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ldmff1481 days ago

Not only yes but, HELL YES !!! Sure he has some rough edges but for crying out loud he was born and raised in NYC. Hands down, mentally and physically he's head and shoulders over Pinocchio, aka; "Liar, liar pantsuit on fire". He has the drive and intestinal fortitude to get things done. As far as the tax thing Trump employs the finest and the most shrewd accountants that take advantage of the loopholes in our worthless Federal Income Tax, there are so many holes in it, it looks like a slice of Swiss cheese!
Remember, Congress voted in those loopholes so don't shake your finger at Trump because he knows how to use them, if he was arrears on taxes don't you think a high profile figure such as Trump would have been in the crosshairs of the IRS long ago???
Trump will keep a conservative foothold in the Supreme Court to protect our precious Constitution, (1st & 2nd Amendments) annhilate ISIS, befriend our Vets, lower taxes and regulations (which will bring companies back and other from leaving), close the borders. Call him a maverick if you will but he's my man !!! He's not a political hack or an establshment sort or any kind of a D.C. insider by any stretch. In all his years in business, U.S. and globally he has a lot of associates he he can go to for answers for complex problems, Pinocchio can't !!!
Vote for the TRumpmeister, after all "WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?", with the loud mouth in the Nehru suit, damn near EVERYTHING !!!....Shalom ! Yup I'm jus' one of those wascally deplorables wanderin' around totin' a Trump sign.

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bazooka1481 days ago

" Don't be stupid be a smarty, come and join the Trumping party " ! He'll be brilliant as President better than Dubbya. Remember what Trump promised ? ... " Vote for me and I'll tell you who really bought the twin towers down " ... can't wait for that !

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vickyph841481 days ago

lol very true. you said it best!

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artur8b1480 days ago

Трамп,может не лучший будет президент,но точно не хуже Обамы!!

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okykok1480 days ago


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bulldog1480 days ago

wir haben schon genug idiotische statsmänner putin Kim-ill die nix von diplomatie halten noch so einer ist wie oel ins feuer

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CB541480 days ago

yes, I believe he will. he tells things like it is and he doesn't sugarcoat the truth and shape our country is in. @oxygen

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CB541480 days ago

He seems to care about America.

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RainyDay1478 days ago

No, he's out to DESTROY the world. And he's only doing it for publicity.

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aldem531478 days ago

На данном этапе развития у Штатов нет лучшей кандидатуры.

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satareid1478 days ago

It will no longer be president of the United States, as a nation, has remained about six months. Obama in the last US president prediction, draw conclusions.

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27harley1476 days ago

Yes. Why? Simply because he is a political outsider who knows (or can easily get to know) the most brilliant minds to help solve America's problems. It has become overwhelmingly obvious that Killary Clinton is corrupt in every sense of the word. As a typical political insider, Hillary has manipulated the most powerful agencies in America (FBI, State Department, etc.) to ignore and/or cover up her extensive litany of criminal actions. As president, her repugnant behavior will only increase at the expense of all American people except those in her privileged inner circle. Donald Trump will destroy the political habit of taking advantage of all American people by working for them.

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basitbaig1476 days ago

never ever he is a mentality sick person :P

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adam35771476 days ago

Да будет норм чувак

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toribio1476 days ago

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crossedeye20031475 days ago

We do NOT have a Good nomination for president at all. The only thing I can say Possitive is that as a Great Business man Donald Trump has the ability to hire the right people for his cabinet. President, in my oppinion is just a figure head. It's the people they bring with them that makes the system work.

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awinner1191475 days ago

Hell NO! he would be the biggest mistake ever worst than clinton he would more then likely start a nuclear war or another world war with the Muslims world especially aboard or here at home.

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Azait1474 days ago

Yes of course he is a strong leader

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vanny1472 days ago

ні небуде хілері буде ліпша

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igor1472 days ago

Yes Yes Yes Yes-!!!...

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Fizzz1470 days ago

With the latest turn of events, specifically the wikileaks documents dump, the choice is as clear as ice. Hillary Clinton and her staff are the face of corruption in politics. The only reason Trump has a chance is because of the overwhelming support he receives from the american people, and I hope and pray that Donal Trump will be the next president of the United States

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Meow1463 days ago

Good president?

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tppackage11457 days ago


Not at all.

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tppackage11457 days ago

The view he has on America is not agreeing with most people

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hiflyer1451 days ago

Putin is a leader whose people do what they're told.
The U.S. President does what he's told. Congress can handicap any initiative and it's the permanent staff which decide what policies go. America is becoming a police state and is trying it's level best to goad Putin into a war with an American dominated NATO which surround Russia as I write this. China is rapidly updating their military weapons and forces, literally having an army of millions to call on, and is an ally of Russia, as is Iran. America, China's biggest debtor, no doubt with Britain playing follow the leader, has led to the death, injury and displacement of millions in the Middle East for the last sixteen years. 9/11 looks more like a "false flag" event with every year which goes by, and the recent release of 180 pages concerning the investigation into it shows Arabia's direct involvement more than any other country's, bringing us back to oil and the U.S. dollar. The reasons it all started in the first place. Both of which are in more trouble now than they were then.
It doesn't matter who wins the presidency, the next four years are going to see the collapse of whole economies, and bring war and civil strife home to the West. However we must remember Obama's greatest miracle, both America's first Black president, and the speed at which he turned White almost overnight. What do you think, is that the reason they call it the 'Whitehouse'?

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