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What do you like to do when you're bored? Reward $25
Created by yanka457, 1678 days ago, 3988 views

I get bored often and i was wondering is there anything fun you like to do when bored name some activities or games or cool sites you like to use when bored for example is a cool game site and is a real cool site too or you can say something like a hobby
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vickyph841675 days ago

i LOVE to play video games on my xbox live! also iam a youtuber on beauty and record videos when i have the spare time :)

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Drmgiver1678 days ago

Work out!

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Aravi1678 days ago

Hi @yanka457

I try walk to near by park and near public place. If you are also a martial artist like me then try sand bag too.


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koroleva1678 days ago

when I'm bored I watch a movie, a tv show or a k-drama. When I feel like doing something more productive, I play on elevate or do some language courses on memrise. I also like to read books and novels.

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serezha1676 days ago

Hi!. More often I prefer to read books (the real one - not electronic) - in that case I can totally dive into another epoch and separate myself from trivial round. The great way to relax for me is swimming (sport at all- it depends of your preferences). And I think, the best recreation is tallking to my family. My wife, my daughter, our parents and I are absolutely happy with meeting together. You can't agree, that it can not be borring to be with the nearest people in the World!
Good luck!

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omarwa791676 days ago

when I'm bored I watch a movie

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omarwa791676 days ago

like me

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jeetkml1676 days ago

open euask and answering here...

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yusup1676 days ago

how to get rid of boredom I was with an online business via mobile

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DOZER1676 days ago

I personally go to and browse the really awesome stuff thats out there in the world and to watch people try to remove themselves from the gene pool.

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toribio1676 days ago

when you are really bored, masturbate!.. masturbation relaxes you the ultimate way.

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Hydotyt1676 days ago

Привет! Попробуй сделать добро другому человеку, или помочь кому-либо в беде. Мне это всегда поднимает настроение!

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yanka4571675 days ago

@vickyph84 thats really cool :)

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nouri19961668 days ago

take tour car

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volodj16121667 days ago

Смотрю интересные видео в YOU TUB

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Andreo1665 days ago

Занимаюсь спортом это очень полезно и весело

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seth18401659 days ago

sometimes you can try listening to music or maybe play game

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08762827611659 days ago

หาอะไรใหม่ๆเข้ามาในชิชีวิต แล้วสนุกไปกับมัน แต่ๆห้ามสนุกจนเกินไป จนลืมครอบครัวล่ะ เดียวจะมานั้งร้องทีหลัง นะครับน่ะะ

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Bine4851658 days ago

Internet am Laptop - damit schlägt man immer Zeit tod

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aldem531652 days ago

Самое интересное в период скуки это зарабатывать деньги на экономических играх. Интересно и денежно.

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Buritto1646 days ago

читаю книги

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loralora1640 days ago

lublu hitat

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Michke1632 days ago

I'am never bored! Otherwise, because of too many hobby's always running in Time! I like to search music on YouTube and I look pretty much at How to video's of Color Pencil technics, crochet amigurumi's, mixed media technics, diy, etc... and offcourse i try does things @ home! I search also pretty much some inspiration on Pinterest! I like Pinterest because there are always suggestions from your like's, Just an endless searching option and takes some time, handy time when you're bored especially! I paint a lot on Canvas with acryl and draw sometime, searching for nice vector images to draw, and especially to get in the mood, I start coloring in Adult Color Books! That helps me to think about a problem and get some answers while coloring because you think of the colors you use and otherwise you can think only on that problem without thinking a lot about other struggles in life... That works for me and takes some bored time into handy time! I call it...Quality-Time! ;)

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Andressa1626 days ago

watch videos

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