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 what the best application to improve the performance of Windows 7 -

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what the best application to improve the performance of Windows 7 Reward $2
Created by Brian_wijaya2010, 740 days ago, 1180 views

Does anyone know the effective application and automatically cleans the use of RAM memory?
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pustoi11740 days ago

WiseCleaner is a function of the automatic processor optimization. set optimization border. it is virtually clears the memory. as well as increasing productivity.

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ha14740 days ago


Wise Memory Optimizer
Automatic Tune-up and Optimization of RAM

under Options > SmartTrim

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Skyduke740 days ago

IObit Smart Ram 3.0 from IObit Smart Tolls is very good app.

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wim740 days ago

The most effective; Memory Cleaner.Try it to believed it. I installed it myself! it uses functions built into Windows to judiciously free memory - with no performance impact whatsoever.

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tonscherbe740 days ago

nobody, its the fastest memory

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jeetkml739 days ago

Go to task manager and disable/end process unusable services.

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HatsuneMiku739 days ago

I just use the Wise Care memory cleaner, you can set it too automatically clean your RAM when it reaches a certain point, I have a lot so my cleans when I reach 70%

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HatsuneMiku739 days ago

or you could download some more RAM ;)

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Aravi739 days ago

Hi @Brian_wijaya2010

Wise 365 works well, you may try the same. While using other optimizer I have received the problem like browser crash, program corruption etc. But, I have no such issue while using Wise 365.

Further, for RAM :


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MrAppLETechNo738 days ago

buy computer/laptop Ram and install into your PC. You must buy from the Computer shop. Must also show your laptop informations and bring your laptop to the shop so that they can install for you. The Price of 1 ram is about $25 USA Dollar and $15 SGD.

Thank You For Reading this answer and have a nice day using your laptop!

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nihal29738 days ago



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Wolf111737 days ago

JetClean and WiseCare

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Masum737 days ago

2.System Mechanic

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Letrix737 days ago

Use Smart RAM. Is really good. No it's 100% automatic but works.

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DOZER736 days ago

Use for free and learn it. You'll buy it. I did. Helped a lot.

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dragondisastor733 days ago

search google for best software ,
you will get your answer
including paid and free one
as you did not mention you want free one or paid

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ckoch733 days ago

I have system mechanic and wisecare 365 on my system plus a paid antivirus and superantispyware. System mechanic also defrags my hard drive every few times which your system needs too for speed. You'll get slow if you don't also use superantispyware. The cookies always come right back in so its not hurting anything to keep your speed up by using it. You have to use it all. You have to also have a good firewall which should come with a paid antivirus. Right now I have avast and webroot and I have no complaints they both have a firewall.

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omarwa79732 days ago

Wise Care 365 is the best app to improve the performance of Windows 7.

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threeball732 days ago

Don't waste ur time Brian,it's just a joke,a cute one, but a joke on you none the less,just d/l Wise Care 365 Pro @ File Hippo-File Puma,or C Net,when they offer Pro edition trial, click on yes,when trial period box is shown, uncheck trial period box,should still work,for free Pro version,after d/ loaded open settings and set amt.,to auto recover

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XNZ732 days ago

Iolo System Mechanic is best for Windows Devices.

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amberportilla08732 days ago

Wise Care 36

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meloman1949732 days ago

Попробуй приложение Toolwiz Care -- сразу заметишь ускорение работы компьютера.

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Halk732 days ago

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Wonder731 days ago

Like everyone is saying Wise care 365 cleaner is the best cleaner in the world and you can download the latest version at followed by AVG PC TuneUp but you are going to need a licence key to get the best out of it

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igor731 days ago

Time to move on Windows10...

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