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Why did Apple remove headphone jack? Reward $2
Created by realtrain, 799 days ago, 1566 views

And the iPhone 7 is not thinner than before.
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Walphai789 days ago

Simply because the phonejack takes way too much space in the Iphone , Relative to what they could put in that space that was taken by the phonejack. Now they have more space for battery life, and they can make the phone thinner. Which is something that apple always tried to do.

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zrodfects799 days ago

Like most devices everything is becoming wireless with bluetooth etc, so Apple has decided to use more bluetooth, since keyboards are bluetooth, gaming controllers for iOS games are bluetooth, you can use headphones, but you would have to buy a new pair though that has bluetooth. Even Apple TV is wireless so obviously this besides the charging cable is the only thing left, I believe we will see wireless chargers for them too, there is already a wireless charging matt where you phone just lays on it so pretty much the same thing

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VoAfon799 days ago

yes Iphone 7 = Iphone 6 plus

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pustoi11799 days ago

Headphones can be connected, but only through the company Apple connector.
the company has gone the easiest way of earning extra money. many manufacturers have good headphones will have to pay Apple for the release of their sockets. but the expectation is that people will have to buy headphones just Appel. as the company is very popular, it is almost a monopoly on the headphones. that necessarily affect the price and quality, but also bring additional revenue Appel. no other options, only one goal to earn more money eliminate competitors.

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DedGrig799 days ago

Why Did Apple Remove The Headphone Jack On The iPhone 7?
Apple announced a big design change for the 2016 flagship
By Fionna Agomuoh @FionnaatIBT On 09/07/16 AT 4:22 PM
The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were announced Wednesday in San Francisco, confirming many long-standing rumors, including a new audio system. Apple has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from its latest iPhone, making the lightning connector the main port for the device.
iPhone 7 owners will be able to use headphones with a lightning connector on the new iPhones or they can use a lightning to mini-jack connector to continue using 3.5mm compatible headphones. They also have the option of purchasing Apple’s new wireless earbuds, the Air Pods, for an additional $159.  
But why has the tech giant made this shift from century-old technology that remains a mainstay of electronics today? Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller spelled out three reasons: courage, vision and to save space.
The executive claimed it took courage for Apple to remove the headphone jack from its smartphone. The 3.5mm headphone jack is believed to have originated around 1878 . Since then there has been little innovation in audio connections.
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The announcement also confirmed an expected by controversial feature of the new iPhones: the lack of a headphone jack. The move is a pivot on the part of Apple to make the phones thinner and add battery life while also embracing the improvement of Bluetooth technology that is sweeping the headphone industry. 

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Some Android manufacturers, such as Motorola , have launched smartphones with no headphone jack at all, instead using USB Type-C ports as a main connector. Pundits note this could have been a way for Apple to move with the trends while keeping its product proprietary , as the lightning connector is a plug that works exclusively with Apple devices.  
Removing the 3.5mm jack also made room for new features on the iPhone 7, such as its force touch tactile feedback in its Home button. It is known that the headphone jack takes up room in a headset, which could be used for other purposes. Though smartphones without headphone jacks are not yet widespread, devices like the Moto Z and OnePlus 3 have been without the feature for months already.
Apple’s third claim is connected to its wireless earbuds. Schiller spoke about a “vision of how audio can be,” describing the Air Pods as small, lightweight and easy to connect. Though the Air Pods are not included with the iPhone 7 and will cost consumers an extra $159, the manufacturer hopes they will be well received by enthusiasts.


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drmittilo799 days ago

The launch of Apple of the iphone 7 brings this new mode, the arrival of their headphones wireless and the Goodbye of the plug for them of cable compatible with all them devices in the market. Hereinafter will be wired through the charging connector, an adapter that will come from series when you buy the phone, or wireless, if purchased separately. The AirPods are their headphones without cable. Detect when are in the ear of the consumer, your voice, if is moving.

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Aravi799 days ago

Hi @realtrain

Headphone jack because it is less required.

1) Iphone 7 have full feature of wireless connectivity.

2) It is replaced by USB TYPE C port. For the user how still love to use Headphone jack can use it via USB TYPE C. This just required a cheep 'USB 3.1 Type C to 3.5mm Earphone Headset Adapter Cable'.

The New USB TYPE C is more powerful and have multiple functionality then old headphone jack.


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omarwa79790 days ago

this is a big big mistake from apple I think in nexte Iphone the jack well be Return.

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imspecialwinner783 days ago

because the opening is want time LOL

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