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Created by AppiagyeiEvans, 824 days ago, 1700 views

What causes premature ejaculation and how can it be solve
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Aravi824 days ago

Hi @AppiagyeiEvans

Kindly find the below medical article:-

I hope you got the answer you are looking for.


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pustoi11824 days ago

when it is needed, think about mother.

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nuklin824 days ago

The causes of premature ejaculation include: Anxiety, masturbation, high level sensational stimulation, dietary, medication, sex position etc. To solve these problems you have to avoid any form of anxiety before sex, feel relaxed, feed well though not carbohydrates maybe proteinous food with some banana. Never be in a hurry to do it and while doing it, act like you can do without it afterall it's no big deal, gradually you'ld see yourself moving from one level to the other with some level of stability. Now while doing it, don't get overwhelmed by what you see just appreciate them and keep doing what you are doing with a stable level of admiration and appreciation before you know it, you're deep into it and have long passed your normal limit. Stop masturbating if you do. Don't ever rush into it with ecstacy, you will definitely be quick to come. Avoid drugs and alchohols. Ask questions about diets, medications that can create negativities and avoid them. Hope you're married cos this advice is only for the married. Good luck in your escapades.

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