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How to format windows mobile on our own? Reward $2
Created by Aravi, 829 days ago, 1357 views

Device: Microsoft Lumia 535
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brendaniel829 days ago

Method 1: Reset from the Settings menu
If your phone is working fine and you can access the settings menu, then this is by far the easiest way to factory reset your Lumia 535. When you do this, it will erase all content from the phone and reset it completely, leaving the phone ready to set up once more.
Start from your home screen and open up the Settings app.
Scroll down to very near the bottom and tap on about.
Look to the bottom of the screen and tap on reset phone.
Confirm you want to perform the reset by pressing yes.
Confirm again that you want to wipe pressing yes again.
Your phone will then switch off, and after a few minutes your phone should show the spinning cog wheels.
Wait for the loading bar to move fully across the screen.

Method 2: Reset using hardware buttons
If you've forgotten your passcode for your phone and can't get in to the settings, then the next best way to reset is to use a special combination of button presses to initiate a reset on the 535. Be warned, there is no confirmation or backing out with this method – as soon as you finish entering the code, the phone will start to reset.
I like to think of it as Microsoft's version of the infamouse Konami Code – with the reward being that you get access to your phone once more! This method is pretty easy, and you can try it repeatedly if you don't quite get the combination right the first time. Use the images and steps below as a guide, and you should have no problems!
Turn the phone off to begin with.
Press and hold down the Power and Volume down buttons.
When you feel the phone vibrate, let go of just the Power button.
Continue holding Volume down for a few more seconds, and you should see the screen displaying an exclamation mark.
Once you've got the exclamation, you can let go of all buttons – and get ready to enter the reset code.

Now that you have the exclamation mark, quickly press the volume button combination below. If you make a mistake, remove the battery and repeat the above steps once more – then try the code again.
Quickly press:
Volume up
Volume down
Volume down
You should feel a slight vibration after pressing that last button. Now you just need to sit back and wait. You should see the Microsoft logo pop up for about a minute, followed by the spinning cog wheels.

You'll get a loading bar slowing moving along underneath the spinning cog wheels which could take up to ten minutes to finish, but be patient with the phone and once it's finished you'll be ready to set up the phone once more.

Method 3
reinstalling the software on your handset using the Windows Phone Recovery Tool. To use the recovery tool, you'll need access to a Windows computer and a good internet connection, as the download can be quite large.
Start by visiting Microsoft's website and downloading the Windows Phone Recovery Tool here
Open up the file you've downloaded.
Run through the on-screen installation procedure.
Once it is installed, open up the recovery tool.
Plug in your phone.

Select it from the recovery tool.
Give the tool a minute to check some details about the phone.
It should then tell you the software that's available for the phone.
Press Install Software.
Confirm that you want to proceed.
Wait for the recovery tool to download and install the software on your phone. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, this could take a while.
You will see various loading screens on your phone. Simply let these run through, and keep it plugged in to your PC.

Once it has finished downloading and installing the software, your phone should display the Microsoft logo, and then start to boot up properly. At this stage your phone is now reset.

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ha14829 days ago


Reset my phone

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khaledmus829 days ago

its easy sir to do hard reset for your mobile phone just follow these steps and Allah 's willing you got a result :

1) firstable turning off your phone.

2) Afterwards press and hold the Power button + Volume Down buttons simultaneously .

3) Release the buttons when you see the exclamation point.

4) Press the following buttons sequencely and one by one ,press and release and go to other button press and release and so on ,press : ( Volume Up - > Volume Down-> Power - > Volume Down ).

5) wait for awhile and now Success! The hard rest has just been performed.


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