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USB Connection with Android and PC HELP
Created by earlpeter12, 1095 days ago, 1371 views

Please.. ! I have pictures, music, and recordings that is important. I cannot transfer them to my computer because it wouldn't detect. When I connect my phone (QUBE COLONIA) to my PC, it would just say "Charger Plugged In". In the status bar, there aren't any choices (as usual) to how I want to connect to PC.
Tried connecting on different PC's, different connector. Still same problem.
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mod1095 days ago

have a look in your phone sttings and make sure usb debugging is chacked and also to allow transfer of mass media

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Trefayne1095 days ago

Computer mostly cannot handle your phone as an external storage using USB connection. You should use a desktop file manager of your phone brand on PC.
Or use other methods: I use file transfer application on phone for connection. So if you have wifi network available at your place, you may use one of these below:

Wifi File Transfer Pro (paid version):


AirDroid (free version):

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travin1094 days ago

1. Goto Control Panel
2. Slect "Hardware and Sound"
3. Select "Devices and Printers"
4. Look for your mobile device. There should be a yellow exclamation mark over it
5. Right Click and troubleshoot *before you troubleshoot make sure windows update is turned on. You can off it later on.

If the problem continues then you need to format your mobile. Backup your data and app's via Kies or PC suite or whatever software.

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ukdirector1093 days ago

A convenient way is to install Dropbox on both devices, then just Sync the files through Dropbox.


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gpacific971 days ago

Hello earlpeter12,
You are trying to transfer files to a computer from your phone right? I had a similar issue with a different brand phone and used this option. I am guessing since you are trying to transfer video files from the phone; a cloud storage site such as Google Drive would be sufficient. This can be setup from your QUBE COLONIA or any other computer. Sites like Dropbox give you 2GB of free storage, while Google Drive gives you up to 5GB of free storage and the max file size is 10GB.
First, if not already installed you will need to download/install Google Drive app on your phone. You can access this by pressing the Google Play Icon on the phone or tablet. Follow the simple install directions. It can be found at this site address if needed ---> .
Once your account is setup you will be able to save pictures and videos from your phone onto Google Drive and access them from a PC by using your login credentials that you provided. In addition, you will have the option to choose if you want the files viewed publicly, by certain individuals or only by you.

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Layya411 days ago

I sometimes encounter such problems and even worse, when the mobile connected, it would suddenly disconnect with no reason. So I was fed up with such connecting way and try to use a wireless connection. I think you should do that too. I am using AirMore - a free and web-based app which is secure and convenient. You can have a try -

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