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Do you think breakfast in the morning is good or bad? Why? What type of food maintains good blood sugar levels? Reward $110
Created by vanya, 803 days ago, 1304 views

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Aravi803 days ago

Hi @vanya

Eating light breakfast in the morning is good.

The more fiber in your diet(from whole grains, whole fruits and vegetables, beans, skim-milk cottage cheese and legumes)the slower carbohydrates are digested and the steadier glucose moves into your bloodstream.

Including high fiber fruits and vegetable daily in the morning will help you more.

Even for a diabetic patients millet and oats are excellent breakfast that supply study calories without shooting up your blood sugar levels.


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1man802 days ago

boo bradly1 protin drinks power 2% sugar

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1man802 days ago

protin drink power 2% sugar

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maren801 days ago

HI @vanya

Good breakfast is good start your day. Just don't eat candy and everything will be OK.
For all what you must to do in one day, you need calories, so eat free and don't bee afraid, its health.
I never go from home until take good breakfast.

What type food maintains good level sugar in blood? Its different from person to person. Each person is
different and have different blood, and stomach system. For example I eat fat food, I like "cowboy" breakfast - this is eggs and bacon, and I eat it
in the morning and in evening also. And I have excellent blood without high sugar or bad fat in blood. All is normal.

Regards, maren

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khaledmus801 days ago

look sir Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day, and with good reason,Like gasoline in your car, breakfast provides the fuel you need to take on the challenges of your day. Breakfast powers up your body and your brain and reduces the risk of weight gain. Even a quick breakfast is better than nothing, and about maintaining your blood sugar try these building meals around plant-based foods, including fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grains, and olive oil. Fish and chicken are eaten regularly but not red meat, butter, or sweets. Phytonutrients and fiber in the plant foods help with blood sugar control, and the olive oil might reduce inflammation also Eating more anthocyanins—the nutrients that give grapes and berries their bright red and blue colors—was linked to better blood sugar control in a new British study. One portion a day of grapes or berries can have the same impact on blood sugar as a one-point reduction in your body mass index, says researcher Aedin Cassidy of Norwich Medical School.


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igor801 days ago

At those people who in the morning, after a dream, long eat nothing and I ignore a breakfast, sugar level in blood falls, the metabolism is slowed down, attentiveness goes down and memory worsens. The "ideal" breakfast has to soderzhat:1/3 daily norm of protein, 2/3 daily norms of carbohydrates, 1/5 daily norms of fats.
Has to fall on a breakfast from 25-50% of daily norm of calories.

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serezha796 days ago

Hi! You see, in nature (as we are only a kind of animals) individual eat when he catch his meal. If you are shure you will be able to eat breakfast Every morning at the Same time - it Will be good for your organism. But if your schedule recently break up (and for long time), it can damage your stomach. So I think, it is better not to teach our body to "work" as clock. Of course, you can keep your shugar in norma with help of some products: oatmeal, hazelnuts, walnuts, cinnamon, red sweet pepper, fish, broccoli, millet, peas, beans, garlic, strawberry. But all of that shouldn't be grilled or boiled or stew (except groats: boil them without shugar).
Good luck!

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capybara794 days ago

Most important meal of the day!
You've been asleep for about eight hours, and your body needs food!
(not to mention water)
Eggs, whole grain bread and cereals, fresh fruit or nuts, and orange juice are all a good start.

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ckoch789 days ago

breakfast is important but if you want to maintain good blood sugar levels then you need low carb.

eggs in the morning,

salad for lunch (alvacado, fruits like blueberries and strawberries, cheese, white meats like chicken, small nuts like pistachio, sunflower and sliced almonds and tomatoes on your salad), meat and vegetables for dinner,

snacks can be apples and veggies cut up.

If you want to be really serious give up wheat because it is full of gmo and it raises your blood suger just like suger. Paleo diet is pretty good for this if you want to follow a diet but don't eat sweet potatoes as they suggest. find a paleo store in your area if you can there are some in the USA I don't know about other countries but there are also paleo stores online. Buy paleo breads if you can most are made from coconut.

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vickyph84789 days ago

@vanya ..
yes breakfast is the most important meal of the day. to maintain good blood sugar levels fresh fruits and veggies and bake foods or grill

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sweetlysue789 days ago

I think breakfast is a good way to jump start your metabolism. I usually have oatmeal with a tablespoon of peanut butter (protein) & fresh berries.

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Thiru4938789 days ago

You should never skip your Breakfast, Your Break fast shout contain Combination of Carbohydrates, Protine and fat. South Indian Breakfast contains all like Idly, Dosa, Pongal etc.,

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tron49781 days ago

Breakfast in the morning is very good for health. Green tee with a little milk, Apple, Tomatoes, Carrot, Egg omega 3, Nuts, Bread with white cheese, Banana, Orange juice...

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Spurlot781 days ago


High fat low carb is the best way to go. My morning breakfast usually consist of eggs ( as many as I want and how ever I want them) and turkey bacon or sausage keeps me going for several hours. I have lots of energy and don't get hungry or want to snack.

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ruji55781 days ago

Завтрак съешь сам, обедом поделись с другом, а ужин отдай врагу.

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