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Air pollution issue... Reward $2
Created by rfbk, 829 days ago, 1136 views

Around the world, 18,000 people die every day because of air pollution. Omg! Could it be true?
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pustoi11829 days ago

through this site, turn to God, it is useless.

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MrDeng829 days ago

Sorry to hear that,but it is true .If we don't do something good for our air,there will be more people die because of air pollution every year.

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Aravi829 days ago

Hi @rfbk

It is truth. Kindly, find report of WHO.

The number of deaths attributed to air pollution is 6.5 million a year. That is around 18,000 people die every day.


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yanka457828 days ago

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lordwolfe828 days ago

Although Air Pollution is a serious issue, the one that poses the biggest concern from my observation would be the drinking water. The amount of pollution that escapes the filtration plant is quite alarming to say the very least. Day by day more and more people are becoming alarmed just by the reactions of their pets when they try to give them the water from their tap. The percentage of people who get cancer from the water is higher than the percentage of people who get cancer from air pollution. Power lines and Cell Phones pose the same threat as well for causing cancer. Food you eat are risk factors for contamination. This is what you need to take into consideration as well.

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pustoi11827 days ago

girl, seriously. really, in our lives a little trouble, if you clog your brain like problemma? men are mortal, all die, and not only from pollution. for example you do not care about the war? roughly speaking, people are born to die. you still do not live longer than they should. better to live quietly, and I thank God that are still alive. and such thoughts, in themselves, shorten your life, as it is depression and stress our lives as much as a bad environment.

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ckoch815 days ago

everybody has one life to live then comes the end according to the bible. What you die of is not the issue, we're not going to fix this. But recommend you find out if Jesus is God just ask him. Somebody made this earth you know it I know it. Some people say we are ruining it. The same one who made it is eternal and if we believe in him we go to him. Look you can die tomorrow in a car accident, get cancer, and tons of other things kill people every day, you gotta die so go where the peace is. Its only in him. its a choice.

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