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What is the most powerful passport in the world? Reward $2
Created by philip, 713 days ago, 1400 views

What is the most powerful passport in the world?
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brendaniel713 days ago

German citizens possess the world's most powerful passport, according to an annual study, with Britain and the US falling just short of the top spot.
Afghanistan is the least country in the global ranking.

Visit https://www.passportindex.org/byRank.php
To know more

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willie713 days ago

North Korea !!!

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philip713 days ago

Most useless?

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willie713 days ago

:-)))) !!!

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pustoi11713 days ago

Russian President Vladimir Putin's passport.

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Aravi713 days ago

Hi @philip

It is Germany's/Sweden's bureaucrat passport which allows you to access 157 countries easily.



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bfbundy713 days ago

a retina scan@philip

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bfbundy713 days ago

a scan of a persons retina

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Noieta713 days ago

This sounds like an odd question to me. I am happy with my passport. It allows me entrance to the countries I want to visit. I always feel that if I need help while travelling abroad, I can always go to the nearest U.S. Embassy.

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ldmff713 days ago

I'm glad this question was posted, I need to renew mine before December!

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khaledmus712 days ago

their are so many but at the top you find Germany passport with total 177 countries you can visit without a visa and the second come Sweden with 176 and Finland,France,Italy,Spain,UK come at the third with 175 countries you can visit without a visa apply and that's According to Henley & Partners' Visa Restrictions Index and here is the link if you want to know more :




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starparticle711 days ago

The Bible along with the Heart

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bouazza711711 days ago

the most powerful passport in the world is the USA

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capybara710 days ago

The United States of America.

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ha14710 days ago



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brendaniel688 days ago

@Philip Thanks for choosing mine

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