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Which website do you use to book hotels? Reward $2
Created by bike, 1510 days ago, 2048 views

Which website do you use to book hotels?
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lori4631510 days ago


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MrDeng1510 days ago

I use FNE,for it is cheap and comfortable ,and you can play very happy with your wife or girlfriend ,you can do what you want to do. Here is the

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Aravi1509 days ago

Hi @bike

Kindly find the below article that have link to top booking site all around the world

If you don't find the answer. Sorry, may I know where you are looking to book? This is because, we can't have a single website which is good to use to book hotel all around the world.


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rainman1001509 days ago


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Noieta1509 days ago

I use and I try to stay away from Expedia. I returned a month ago from a three month trip to Europe and I used both sites for booking hotels, apart-hotels, and apartments in Europe. I am very pleased with their service. has a reward program where they will give you a night free after booking 10 nights. rewards members with GENIUS status, where they offer lower rates. I will soon be going to Mexico and have already booked some hotels for November and December on both sites.

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Noieta1509 days ago

Before my trip to Europe a friend recomended a site called Airbnb and another similar site. I looke into the airbnb but did not like not having my privacy and a place of my own so I did not use that at all.

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matt9adler1508 days ago

I have used Expedia, Pricelline, GoSeek. I have found good prices on hotels in the US that way.

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charlielan1508 days ago

I use, but most of the sites mentioned by other people offers about the same price. The key is to sign up for a free account so you can save up points from any of your travel related purchases so you can get discounts on your hotels.

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ivanherzele1508 days ago

Better look at the hotel website's , there you can get better deals because they don't have to pay a % to hotel booking site's .

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bi66al1507 days ago


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capybara1506 days ago

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eafuchs221506 days ago

I have used several different ones but have settled on BOOKING.COM. Very happy with the results I get from them. @bike

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maren1506 days ago

Hello @bike. Use

These two is enough for booking anywhere in world

Best regards, Maren

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h_rodriguez7711505 days ago

Trivago. Best hotel finder at the cheapest rates without sleeping cheep.

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WendyDisson1374 days ago

I use because they sort out only the coolest hotels.

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