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Created by gsol3, 530 days ago, 613 views

I had to reconfire & reboot my laptop after it failed to start. how do i get your hidden files app that has snce been reloaded to open a folder on a usb thumb drive that had previously used your hidden apps program to re-opn this folder?
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Whiterabbit01530 days ago

You can make all hidden files visible by going into folder/file explorer options (called slightly different things depending on which operating system you are using), which is found in the Control Panel.. There are three tabs in Folder options General, View and Search. Click on the View tab and from the list that you see, select the circle labelled Show hidden files, folders and drives. It's about the sixth or seventh in the list. This will make all hidden files visible in windows. You can still tell the difference between a normal visible folder/file/drives and those that are usually hidden because all hidden folder, files and drives that you've made to appear look slightly faded.

it's called file options in Win 10

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ha14530 days ago

Wise Folder Hider Free

The hidden files are saved in your local disk, except you format disk. The following steps will help you to recover them:
1. Click here to download the recovery tool.
2. Open the recovery tool
3. Choose the drive you used to place the files hidden and click Search
4. Find a folder named "" in the left column. Then click the arrows below until you find the folder named "hide". (P.S. in the search box, do not enter any words!)
5. Click on the folder named "hide", a list of files will show up in the right.
6. Select the files you want to retrieve.

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Aravi530 days ago

Hi @gsol3

As told by @ha14 you try to WDR tool. It is a special tool made to recover the files that are lost due to accidental usage.


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XNZ519 days ago

need to re-install last program used for hide that software but if used Wise Care program then search for name of folder. in you pendrive or try EASEUS Data recovery Wizard is good to recovery of deleted files and also recover file after format drive or delete permanently or open Thumb drive in WinRAR or 7zip archiver it's shows all hidden folder available on drive

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Nithin505 days ago

please use Wise folder hider to hide your files , use this, you have to hide folders ,all type of files and and USB drives

this is the good method to hide and retrieve your personal data .

downloading link is here ::

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vickyph84504 days ago

maybe you need to back up your computer to try to recover your files.

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