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How To Find A Pure Love ? Reward $25
Created by Rasofficial, 467 days ago, 910 views

How To Find A Pure Love With Divine Queen With Divine Heart !!
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Caio467 days ago

Find pure love inside yourself first. Practice it in your life, and automatically it will be a lot easier to find other people like you. Hugs

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Yuri467 days ago

God fills with love.

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Oknametra467 days ago

So, u need to create pool of girls u like and then try each of them for month-two.

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Aravi467 days ago

Hi @Rasofficial

Sorry, We don't have any easy shortcut to find. One have to find his divine queen himself. Only, you heart can detect her and tell you that.

By nature, you will recognize when you meet her.

But you may waste some time in dating with others which have some possibility.


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vanya466 days ago

Oho, deffinitely go to church somewhere, but keep the right doctrine. All herecy is not recommended. :)

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harry9214465 days ago

get a dog

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19mitch65465 days ago

When you get the reply you like or want. share it plz, I want to know as well

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Gs_Krishna465 days ago

Its A Myth

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lordwolfe465 days ago

Here is the thing, the quality of a woman is easier to find just by the quality in yourself. Not everyone is meant for each other, but the ones that match are the ones who maintain a long healthy relationship. Never go by looks, always go by personality! Be true to yourself and the woman you are interested in, never go to the extreme and always take small steps. It is the instant connection between the two of you that will let you know you have found the perfect woman to spend the rest of your life with. Chivalry is the Key.

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alienflyer465 days ago

all the answers are correct and they are all incorrect, so your answer lyes in the middle . . . Love others and and love will find you. The trick is to recognize it and then take action. . . Yup that's the ticket. ;)

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Meow419 days ago

You should tell "smart to the left, beautiful to the right" Take the one who struggle -> run

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