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Torch Browser not working 5
Created by MillieMNT, 835 days ago, 2486 views

Torch browser isnot working
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Aravi834 days ago

Hi @MillieMNT

I too have same problem some time back, we can't diagnosis reason that easy about Torch Browser. So When every torch behave in such a abnormal symptoms, I just try to uninstall and reinstall latest version the browser without completely removing profile data. I use to get that browser work back fine with all my personal setting.


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yogisugandi25834 days ago

Troubleshoot an issue - settings - internet connection - extensions - toolbars, and feature issues,

Try entering a few words concerning your question or issue into the above search field. Most answers are already available within the Torch Help Desk. If not, please check one of the below relevant categories:

General issues and settings 
 - Audio is not working
 - Can't remove Torch as the default browser
 - Problems downloading files [Not Media Grabber or Torrent related]
 - Torch seems to use too much memory, RAM issues
 - Settings and bookmarks are gone
 - Why are the multiple instances of Torch.exe listed in the Windows Task Manager
 - Torch is opening multiple pages at start up
 - How to clear history or cache  [see more... Go to Troubleshooter > ]

Connection issues
 - Blank page. No Internet. Socket error. Connection error dialogs in general
 - Anti virus is blocking Torch
 - Proxy settings are not accessible [see more...  Go to Troubleshooter > ]

Installation or Uninstall issues
 - How to install Torch correctly
 - How to uninstall Torch correctly
 - How to uninstall and reinstall correctly
 - Can't change the installation path [see more...  Go to Troubleshooter > ]

Privacy,  Virus, Malware concerns or issues
 - URL address bar is showing history - how to stop this
 - How to change password or user
 - Advertising, popups, malware [see more...  Go to Troubleshooter > ]

Extensions, Toolbars, Add-ons, Plugins
 - How to enable or disable a toolbar
 - How to stop PDF files from opening in Torch
 - Can't find extensions settings
 - Toolbar is blocking the web page
 - Hola extension
 - Java is not loading or performing as expected
 - How to manage plugins
 - Flash, Shockwave issues
 - Drag & Drop issues [see more...  Go to Troubleshooter > ]

Media Grabber
 - Why do two files keep downloading and what is an AAC format
 - Media Grabber will not activate when playing media
 - Downloaded media will not play or quality is much lower than expected
 - Change the file format   [see more...  Go to Troubleshooter > ]

 - How to torrent
 - Downloaded files are incomplete or PART files
 - Torrents not downloading, stuck at 0, or pausing
 - Where are my torrents downloading to  [see more... Go to Troubleshooter > ]


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Hefleann828 days ago

Your Operating System to open the TORCH browser is incompatible with the program.The Windows 7,8,8.1,and 10 all are compatibles!

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Adot824 days ago

Follow these steps:
Uninstall Torch
Delete any program folders associated with Torch.
In Windows Explorer click on the view tab-click the hidden items box.
Go to users/your username/appdata/local and delete the Torch folder.
Go to users/your username/appdata/local and empty the temp folder.
Clean registry to remove any traces of Torch.
Reinstall the latest version of Torch.

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AbdelbasetCrasH823 days ago


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jeetkml823 days ago

reset it to default means remove all add-ons and extensions, and delete history data including caches.

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yanka457810 days ago

forget torch get boat browser if u have android or mathon browser if you have iphone use firefox works best way better browsers out there even dolphin browser

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