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Why European countries are so small? Reward $3
Created by golden, 834 days ago, 1561 views

Why European countries are so small?
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brendaniel834 days ago


A lot of Europe's division is attributed to geography. Britain is separated from Europe by the English channel; Iberian Peninsula by the Pyrenees; Italy by the Alps; Hungary by Carpathian mountains & Alps. It is not easy for an alien invader to dislodge a sufficiently large, determined opponent sitting behind the geographical boundary. On the other hand, in large countries such as China, Russia or India, there were no huge barriers in the center to prevent an unification.
Another factor is the fact that most of europe's land is habitable. Countries like China, or Russia have huge sections of land that are virtually uninhabited, and those Asian countries weren't conquered and destroyed by surrounding empires. (Well technically most were at one point) pretty much, because of relatively small kingdoms and mostly local conflicts, cultural and political divisions, the mostly habitable landscape, etc Europe turned out having many small countries, instead of a handful of large countries.

Jerad Diamond explains this in his book " Germs , Guns and Steel"

Europe had easily defendable borders everywhere, and so favoured the rise of smaller nations side by side along the banks of a river or mountain range.

Once migrating tribes reached a safe spot and set about defending it from invaders, there was tremendous rivalry to out do the other side- Europe therefore became competative.

In China, they invented gunpowder and used it for fireworks. In Europe, it got weaponised soon after it's invention there.

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omarwa79834 days ago

Whenever a small thing easy to control and to control it.

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willie834 days ago

Because "President" Trump can easily built a wall around them !!!!!

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maren834 days ago


Who know, its enough for explanation.

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nuklin834 days ago

Europian Countries are so small because of the incessant competition for supremacy that existed in the past within the monarchies where every kingdom standing today as a country fought hard to maintain it's territory, so this never gave room for expansion within Europe as the competitors were in constant check of one another not to annex. The drive for expansion is evident in places like Canada, USA, Australia even Brazil where Europeans have settled and developed.

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Aravi834 days ago

Hi @golden

This is due to cultural diversification, language variations, Regional, political, local conflicts, cultural, etc.


Political: War and the clime of independence due to colonization had created many countries. Europa have countless war histories.

Eg: At the end of WWI, the Treaty of Versailles was signed creating nine new nations:

Finland,Austria,Czechoslovakia,Yugoslavia,Poland,Hungary,Latvia,Lithuania and Estonia

Geological condition: unlike the other continents, Europe it divided at center by sea and oceans. This creates more partitions.

Regional: It is needless to say, as we are all aware of the conflicts in earlier Christianity. Conflict between the other religions in the earlier stage.


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pustoi11833 days ago

greed in high places and people from different cultures.

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tomr649777 days ago

Royal divorce!

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