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Created by abcman, 568 days ago, 704 views

Which generation of computer CPU is best for using business work place?
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brendaniel568 days ago

@abcman The main difference between the different generations is the amount of energy it uses.
As you go up the generations, they generally use the energy more efficiently, which results in good performance.
Another thing is performance but intel has a tick, tock method. What this means is that if you go from first to second gen, you will generally not notice it.
But if you go from first to 3rd you will notice a big jump. I would say that the 4th gen are the best for power users and 5th gen for people that need something with a long battery life. Also the fifth generation has more artificial intelligence integrated in it such as voice recognition, face recognition and more developments are still coming up with the 5th generation.

I'll suggest you go for the fourth or the 5th generation....

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MrDeng568 days ago

intel core i7,the cpu is really cool and let you feel good when you work.

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ha14568 days ago


well depends on your motherboard socket.

Intel CPUs: Xeon E5 vs. Core i7
If you do not plan on overclocking, we highly recommend you consider using a Xeon instead of a Core i7 CPU.

List of Intel Xeon microprocessors
Xeons are designed for servers and workstations, with XEON workstations you can add another processor & make it DUAL XEON

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Aravi567 days ago

Hi @abcman

It depends on your business requirement / convince, you may opt for 5th or 4th generation CPU.

4th generation CPU are cheaper then 5th generation CPU. This is suitable if you are looking for installation of larger number of per individual user.

5th generation CPU fast and more compact and more reliable and more faster then compare to 4th generation CPU. This is more prescribe for IT frame work with small team. Individual/ personal user for business. For any other type of user who want the usage of Heavy software.

If you are looking for installation of PC more then 20 or 25, then go for mini server PC.


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mohamad1122567 days ago

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pustoi11567 days ago

any modern processor.

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Rasofficial566 days ago

Core i5 with 8gb ram with any good mother board

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meena3222565 days ago

'Intel Core i7 (6th generation)' with 8GB RAM.

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