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Install program on Windows 10 Reward $2
Created by sknanda, 569 days ago, 876 views

A software works well on Windows 7 but when I try installing it on Windows 10 it does not work giving message that some files are required. Pl help.
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ha14569 days ago


Make older programs compatible with this version of Windows

1) right click on your exe file
2) Click On Properties
3) Click on Run Compatibility Troubleshooter
4) Or Check The Box compatibility Mode (Run This Program In Compatibility Mode For)
and from drop down menu choose another operating system.

which kind of file are necessary

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mykay569 days ago

Make sure to have installed all Microsoft C++ redistributables on your windows 10 machine, and also have DirectX installed. If you could be more precise about the needed file i could offer more help.

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Aravi569 days ago

Hi @sknanda

The old software requires to get updated according to new technology.

Because, the new direct x technology and background vc c++ 2015 don't support certain backward program features. Certain old features are removed for fixing security issues and instability.

Hence, please try to install new compatible version realised by the software service provider. If not available, register your feedback to that company or try to install compatible alternative program.

If you still wise to use same, then right click on the program > go to properties > add the program in compatible mode.


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brendaniel569 days ago

identify the name of the file it is requesting for, type and search for it on google, download and install it or better still give me the name of the file it is requesting for and I will tell you where to get it and how to install it.

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MrDeng568 days ago

maybe the best way is to give up the win10

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Rasofficial566 days ago

leave windows10 and use windows8

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mai7879566 days ago

система лецинзионная а значит и программы должны быть тоже только лецинзионные

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jeetkml561 days ago

Windows 7 WORKS ON .NET framework 3.5, BUT WINDOWS 10 works on .NET framework 4.6 so , you need to install .net 2.0-3.5 kernel package to install those old software , try following
fill this address :: " Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features" in address bar and check following

and this will automatically install need frameworks.( on working internet connection needed)

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